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Custom Leathercraft CLC 9841 Leather Work Belt 2 in. Wide

Waist Sizes 29-Inch To 46-Inch, Heavy Duty Materials Provide Both Strength And Comfort For Any Worker, 2-Inches Thick, Top Grain Leather

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BVR Rating 111 reviews


  • Equipped with tongue roller buckle that offers secure and firm fitting
  • Made of high-quality leather material that offers extended durability
  • Comes with 2-inches thickness that offers extra comfort


  • Belt may cause rashes

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  • Users of this product said

    I have been wearing this belt for a few months now and I have to say that it is very comfortable, it is not very stiff and it will last for a long time, I wear a size 36 pants and I decided not to cut the belt to size because it loops around and sits

    I thought it would be good, but it is, it fits well, and looks long but tucks into my next belt loop, no issues with it poking out in front.

    It's simple rugged, what more could you ask for in a belt, it's strong and comfortable to wear, and it's hanging off my gear with about 5 lbs. of kit hanging off it.

    It seems like it will last for ever, but it's not always clear how long it will hold up, it's a bit hard to get the prongs into the holes.

    I like the double hole design of the belt and it makes it easier to attach tools to it, especially since the tool's I have hanging from the belt are heavy.

    Question & Answers


    Is the belt one piece or attached by rivots?


    It is a very sturdy belt, because it has four rivets on the fold over holding it.


    How can I cut this belt to size?


    If you use your pocket knife, cut off the tip, place it where you want the new tip, outline it with a pencil and cut it off, it will look like a factory job.


    Will I be able to cut to fit if I have a 27 or 28" waist? Is there enough holes in the belt to fit?


    You will have to make new holes, but it's easy to cut it to fit.


    I wear a size 44 inch waist. What's the total length?


    I wear it on the first set of holes but it allows it to fall a little with tool holders on it, because the total length end to end is 52 inches.


    What is the thickness of the leather?


    The width is what matters, not the thickness.

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