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TOOLUXE 50002L Universal Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

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  • Features a hardened steel spiral rasp and insert needle that offers extra durability
  • Comes in a storage case that makes it ideal to keep in the car for roadside emergencies
  • Equipped with a T-handle design that provides greater turning power and comfort


  • May not contain detailed instructions

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  • Users of this product said

    I don't use the case, but I do put the kit in a gallon zip lock bag under my seat or in the glovebox to save space.

    I have used an Allen wrench at least ten times already, " it is easy to use and here's how.", to make sure all four Allen screws are tight on the metal T handles.

    If you buy a single package of 5 or 6 plugs from Safety Seal or Blackjack, you will be set and you will have plenty of room in the case.

    I would buy this product if they put it out with a set of pliers, because I think it's crazy that they think that nails and screws magically get themselves out.

    This tool is a must have for anyone who goes to a tier shop and you will save money the first time you use it, you only need a pair of neddle noes pliers and you can pull the screw or nail out insert tier point file.

    Question & Answers


    Why is there a round thingy on the needle? What purpose does it serve? My other kids are just a straight shaft.


    I think it's the main purpose of it is to prevent you from pushing the tire strip too far, which is possible with the length of the needle.


    I don't know if the kit should have had instructions, but I want to make sure I know how to use it.


    Since the procedure is obvious, there is no need for instructions. You use the awl with the twisted shaft to enlarge the hole after you have removed the nail or other item that punctured your tire.


    Is the "T" handle made of metal or plastic?


    The handle is non-ferrous and I removed it to make it lighter.


    I want to make sure the case fits in my glove box.What is the size?


    I don't remember because I bought it for my son, but my husband thinks it's around 10x12 inches.


    Why isn't there vulcanizing cement supplied or needed with this kit?


    It is to keep you from buying another tire, that is why it is called vulging. I would carry a razor or cutting pliers to cut off any major plug outside the tire.

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