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EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer

High Quality Steel, Two Wheel Chock Scissor Stabilizer, Rv Travel Trailer Tire Chalks Rust Proof, Epoartist Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor

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  • Designed to be suitable to use for camping trailer, camper, RV and more
  • Equipped with two wheel chock scissor stabilizer that helps in keeping the tool in place
  • Features a non-slip handle that makes it comfortable to hold


  • Stabilizer scissor may be wide

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  • Users of this product said

    I could tell that this was the way to go even though I could not say it would keep the trailer from rolling, but I was in a trailer park and it helped a lot.

    After a brief struggle, they broke loose from the tires, but were able to get it back on track with a screwdriver and a clamp.

    My 36' is locked down and does not have that forward/backward roll anymore, it feels like an amusement park ride when someone is walking in the camper, it is an excellent product, excellent value, and pass on the over rated.

    I wish I had tried it earlier because my RV doesn't like rocking. I recommend for the price and easy to install, also blends with the tires in black, looks better than the silver ones.

    I was impressed with the strength and flexibility of the tool and the drill adapter was a pleasant surprise.

    Question & Answers


    How can I fix it?


    To fit you need the right size, you need a ratchet to widen it.


    Correct, I can use my drill with attachment instead of your wrench.


    Yes. You can use the drill provided to tighten the wheel chocks.


    The wording is confusing, does this package come with 2 or 4 chocks?


    The package has 2.


    Are they made in the United States?


    We bought our new one for $70.20 and they came in a pair so it sounds good.


    Is it possible that it works with wide Trax suspension?


    The max spread is 12.

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