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AUTOWN Tire Repair Kit 67pcs Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit

3 Months Money Back Replacement Guarantee, Plug Flats Patch Kit, The Tire Repair Heavy Duty Kit, The Best Tire Air Tightness, The Tire Puncture Repair Set, Universal Tire Repair Tools

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BVR Rating 332 reviews


  • Made of refined high-quality steel that offers an extended durability
  • Features heavy duty tool that can easily repair all types of tires
  • Equipped with T-handle and spiral probe tool that makes it easy to use


  • May not carry detailed instructions

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  • Users of this product said

    I've been plugging tires for 45 years, and I was sure sweating the full pressure when I did it, but I got a great quality tire repair kit, my daughter learned.

    He told us that he would use this repair kit as a spare set, and that it turned out to be a perfect gift for him, because we decided to buy him this tire repair kit.

    The kit came with a bonus scratch off from $2-$50, mine was $10, which cut even further the very reasonable cost, and you can get it back via Amazon gift card or PayPal.

    Plugging is quicker than changing out your car's "Doughnut" if you know how to do it. Kit just arrived, and after looking through, I found that it's easier to plug in a flat if you know how to do it.

    I bought this kit because it seemed like something I should be able to take care of myself, especially if help isn't always available, and I thought it would be a great thing to have on long road trips.

    Question & Answers


    What do you mean by "run flats?" It depends on the location of the puncture and whether or not the tire needs to be removed.


    The kit works great, we use it daily with car and truck tires as well as lawn mower tires. If there is a puncture in the tire, the plugs work great.


    Which is a better box, red or blue?


    I bought two of the red ones and they were a great deal.


    Does the kit include any tools to fix a valve stem leak?


    The valve core and valve core are included.


    Does the plug need vulcanizing glue to form a seal with the tire?


    No, all plugs do not come with glue, the auburn tire repair kit comes with lubricant, and it has no air loss after the repair, so do not worry about it, as long as you don't have a question.


    I don't have a jack to fix my 16" run flat tires. Can I just use a 12v tire inflator?


    It depends on the place of puncture, if inside of the tire, that's the place where the tire needs to be removed, if outside, maybe no need.

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