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Image of Braun KF7170SI BrewSense...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 200+ reviews


Carafe handling





  • Fast brewing cycle
  • LED control panel
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts


  • Non-detachable water unit
  • Insecure water filling knob
  • Water filling knob is insecure


Image of Hamilton Beach 49980Z 2-Way...: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 2k+ reviews


Carafe handling





  • Carafe doesn't drip
  • Large capacity at 12 cups
  • Makes great tasting coffee


  • Plastic aftertaste
  • Large footprint


Image of Cuisinart DCC-3000: Bestviewsreviews
Overall BVR Rating Based on 3k+ reviews


Carafe handling





  • Easy programming
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Higher end machine that doesn't have a carafe


  • Less brewing time

Feature wise top Specialty coffee maker

Specialty Coffee Maker Buying Guide

If you are a coffee lover and a hot cup is an essential part of your everyday routine, then bringing a café quality machine to your kitchen can make all the difference. A cup of good coffee can help you overcome the lethargy you feel in the morning and keeps you energetic throughout the day. But, we all have our favorites in coffee. While some people like to drink a latte, others like black coffee, brewed coffee, or the much-loved cold coffee. This is where the Specialty Coffee Maker comes into the picture, delivering coffee as we like, conveniently. Today, there are various types of coffee makers available in the market like drip coffee maker, espresso coffee maker etc. and at such choosing, the right one can be confusing. Take a look at this guide for a better understanding. 

Types of Specialty Coffee Maker  

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip coffee maker is a machine that drips water into a bed of coffee grounds and filters it down in a cup or a pot making a strong cup of coffee. 

Single Serve Coffee Maker

A Single Serve coffee maker is one of the recent additions in the category of a coffee maker and can brew only one cup of coffee at a time. This coffee maker is ideal for those who like to brew different strengths of coffee.

French Press

French press coffee makers are designed in such a way that it gives a strong and flavorful cup of coffee. This is because the water stays in contact with the grounds through the entire length of its brewing time.

Espresso Maker

The Espresso machines produce a flavorful and concentrated cup of coffee, satisfying your cravings for coffee. 

Benefits of Buying a Specialty Coffee Maker

Saves Money

Brewing coffee at home is a convenient and economic option, especially for those who need more than one cup a day. 

A Quality Cup of Coffee 

By brewing coffee at home, you will always be able to get your cup of coffee as you prefer with a perfect flavor and consistency.


A Specialty Coffee Maker allows you to conveniently make coffee whenever you want.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Specialty Coffee Maker


Before buying a Specialty Coffee Maker, understand your coffee requirement. If you are someone who can survive with just one good cup of coffee, then Single Serve Coffee Maker is the best for you, but if you need many cups to sustain, then you should go for an espresso machine.


It is essential to consider your budget while planning to buy something. Make sure to find both the direct and long-term value whichever type of coffee maker you are willing to buy. Adding an extra amount of money and buying a good quality coffee maker for the long run is more beneficial.

Counter Space 

The size of coffee makers are compact and not too heavy. They occupy very less counter space. Be it a French Press or Espresso machine, they only require a corner of your counter space.


Specialty Coffee Makers are one of the finest innovations for those whose day never begins without a cup of coffee. Due to the various options available in the market, buying the right coffee machine that yields the best coffee is a difficult task. Some of the choices given above are the most reviewed selection of coffee makers. You can have a look at it and have an idea on which one to settle for.

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