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Heritage Kids Bunny Faux Fur Sleeping Bag

Slumber Bag Dimensions: 26"X46", Soft And Warm Peach Skin Interior Fabric, Overall Dimensions With Hood: 26"X60", Perfect For Kids, Figural Bunny Design With Soft Faux Fur Fabric

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 166 reviews


  • Features soft faux fur fabric that feels soft and gentle on the skin
  • Figural bunny design that makes it beautiful and cute
  • Warm fabric makes it ideal for winters and cold


  • Ordinary quality zipper may break easily

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  • Users of this product said

    It was a great gift for my niece's birthday, and all the other girls at the party wanted to lay on it and pet it.

    I am telling you that this sleeping bag is adorable, even though you can't really tell by the picture and description. I have two grand baby girls who are into unicorns and this is a great size for them.

    It was a bit of a worry to buy this sleeping bag, but I was very happy when it arrived.

    It's so cute that it can also be a unicorns pillow, and my 4 year old loves it and has slept in it every night since she received it.

    The sleeping bag is very cute and we really wanted to love it. The zip was broken before I used it.

    Question & Answers


    Do you have any instructions on how to wash your clothes?


    It's not too big for a regular dryer on its own, but it does have a machine cold water dryer.


    Can I contact the company to get the zipper replaced on the sleeping bag?


    My grand daughter's zipper is messed up too, but I'm not sure.


    Does it have flame-retardant material on it?


    I think it was a gift for my grandchild, but it's very soft and should be careful with the zippers.


    Is there a product guarantee? Our zipper is already broken after just a few uses.


    My daughter used her daily at school for a year for nap time and never had an issue with it, it being so big.


    What's the lowest temperature that this can be used at?


    It only ever been used for sleep overs.

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