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AquaHomeGroup 15 - Stage Replacement Shower Water Filter Cartridge (No Housing)

Maximum Filtration, Longer Lasting , 15 Stage Replacement Shower Water Filter Cartridge, The Soon Shower Cartridge Replacement

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 1,235 reviews


  • Comes with a simple design that makes it easy to install
  • Equipped with 15 stages of filtration that makes it safe to use by reducing chlorine and other heavy metals
  • Features an unique scientific formulated filter that offers maximum filtration in hot and cold water


  • May have an unusual odor initially

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  • Easy to install
  • Users of this product said

    The company is so generous with their resources, they recently gave me the chance to exchange my review for a free refill, if you purchase from them, so you don't have to.

    The shower head and hose assembly are very similar, but the hose assembly is more flexible and has more longevity than the older style ones.

    The shower head has a strong flow and pressure, and there is almost a small breeze in the shower when it's on.

    I agree that I should use the filter with frequent changes in order to get better skin, softer hair and filters out of the water from New York City.

    The oranging of my blonde hair has stopped, and the sulphuric smell in the bathroom has gone, because my hair stylist suggested these because the water was making my blonde hair have an orange tint.

    Question & Answers


    How many times a week should I change my filters?


    It depends on the water, I have substandard city water which contains Blue green algae, so I need a replacement cartridge every month.


    Will it fit the aqua bliss 220 filter?


    Will this replacement filter work with any Aqua Bliss?


    Will this fit in my 10 stage filter?


    If it's the same model type as the Aquahome group, this will fit in your 10 stage filter.


    Will this fit the aqua bliss sf 100?


    The height information is correct on both, and I just put a measuring tape to my filter and it was 2 11/16 inches high.


    Is it compatible with the Carson Chase filter?


    I would go to Aqua Home Group website and ask if it would work, they are great to work with when you have a question.

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