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Amazer Small Stall Fabric Shower Curtain Liner,36 x 72 Inches

Premium Polyester Fabric, 6 Rust Resistant Metal Grommet Holes, A Water Proof Shower Curtain Liner, The Shower Curtain Hooks

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BVR Rating 536 reviews


  • Made with polyester fabric that promotes water bead formation
  • Equipped with 6 rust-resistant metal holes that allows for easier hanging and long-lasting strength
  • Features heavy-duty clear stones on bottom corners that prevents the curtain from flying


  • May not be mold resistant

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  • Users of this product said

    The last one I bought claimed the same thing, but this one is waterproof, and the hem is a bit heavier, which helps to keep it from flying up.

    I saw similar quality liners for as little as $3 and thought it was a good product, but I gave it a 4 stars because it works just fine for what it is. I gave it 4 stars because it works just fine for what it is, seems like good quality and no issue with

    It is easy to clean, just pop it in the washer and it will come out as new. I didn't put it in the dryer, but it was almost dry after the spin cycle.

    I have bought other colors that were dark grey or light grey but they didn't pass off as blue. It's a shame because it's a beautiful color and I never had any other colors bleed other than the blue.

    It is heavy enough that it can't move around and stay put, but I liked that the weights in the bottom made it stay put.

    Question & Answers


    There is a limit to one purchase for my corner tub and two fabric shower curtains.


    I was told that I couldn't order one because of promotional pricing, so I ordered each one separately.


    Where is this manufactured?


    I think most of the items are made in China, but the quality is not bad, so I don't care where it comes from.


    Is it possible to use fabric paint on this?


    The fabric is made from polyester and water sheets, and the paint wouldn't adhere to the surface.


    Is an inner liner required if I get this curtain?


    Water beads up on it, so it's waterproof.


    Is the entire hem weighted?


    The only thing that stays put is the 2 corners.

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