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Canon Speedlite 470EX AI Auto Intelligent Flash Photography

180° To The Left And 180, Zoom Flash Head Range Of 24 105Mm**. Flash Exposure Adjustment Range Of &Plasmin; 3 Stops In 1/3 Or 1/2 Step. Broad Bounce Angle Range Of 0 120° Upwards

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BVR Rating 93 reviews
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Reason to Buy

  • Features zoom flash head that allows to capture range up to 24/105mm
  • Built-in AI.B semi-auto mode maintains the specified bounce angle when the camera's orientation changes
  • Comes with bounce function that offers incredible and natural photography

Minor Drawbacks

  • LCD panel may be average

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  • What users have to say about Canon Speedlite 470EX AI Auto Intelligent Flash Photography

    I don't fault it for the issues I had with the menus locking in the eos camera, I feel that was either a defect in the flash or a software issue, and I'm sure canon would replace it or release a fix in the future.

    It's made in China, and it feels like good solid plastic. The rotating motor is designed to hold in place, and if you move it around manually, it hold steady in place.

    It feels like this is a software issue and if canon updates it, they would reach a much wider audiance, like the upper end power shot cameras with hot shoes.

    The bounce feature is what makes this flash so great, and it also makes the difference as it eliminates a lot of the shadows.

    The 600ex is still my preferred flash in a studio, the artificial intelligence function is good, and it's good for someone who doesn't have much bounce photography experience.



    Will it work with the canon g11?


    Since 2014, only the Canon EOS 1300D, Canon EOS 2000D, Canon EOS 4000D, Canon EOS M3 Canon EOS M5 Canon EOS M6 and Canon EOS M50 are compatible with the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI.


    Does anyone know what Trigger is compatible with this flash to be used off camera?


    Vello makes a noise.


    Is this flash compatible with canon eos rp?


    I have a 5DMark 3 and it wouldn't work if I didn't purchase a 5DMark IV problem solved flash works great, I'm not sure you have to check with Canon.


    Will the feature work with 5d mark?


    I don't know, I shoot 7d and 70d.


    Is it compatible with the canon rebel t6i?


    I think you should look at the Canon website.

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