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ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Simple Crank Operation, 12 Cm Removable Crank Handle, Jack Hoist Stand Bikes Atvs Scooter Crank Stand

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 228 reviews


  • Comes with 2 variable screw adapters that helps in easy installation
  • Features a simple crank operation that offers convenience
  • Designed with 12 cm removable crank handle that makes it easy to operate


  • May need additional support

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  • Users of this product said

    The base is not wide enough to be stable and the strap over the bike is not tied off, so I wouldn't use it high with it, and it's not as easy to use and handle as the big floor jack that I had been using.

    It was assembled and ready to use, it is narrower than many of the other ones, but it is a plus because I can move it forward or back to raise only one wheel.

    The raised legs support the frame for lifting either the front or rear of the bike, which I did with the little jack that the doctor ordered for working on the Honda Shadow 1100 with the low slung engine hanging down like a belly between the frame tubes.

    It's lightweight, but still lifts my KLR 650 without any flexing, and it has a built-in support that can be used for a stand that raises both wheels off the ground.

    If you do more major work in the garage, you may want to use a few ratchet straps to make it more stable, but it's not necessary if you just change fluids.

    Question & Answers


    It seems like the black "saddles" need to go 90 degrees from the photos for frame rails. Can you turn them around?


    The saddles can be spun 180 degrees and adjust the height, but they are mounted on a screw and mounted on a screw.


    How will it lift my street glide?


    It lifted my 14 strom okay, but I had to use other means to balance mine when removing wheels.


    Is the jack compatible with my 1998 dyna wideglide kick? The stand is in the middle under the frame.


    I don't know but I use it on my Sporty.


    Has anyone tried this before, will I need anything else to secure it?


    Not me, I tie down rachets.


    Is it possible to get to the holes on the top platform and bolt a board?


    Even if there weren't holes, you could drill them and the unit works well lift just fine, and my bike weighs a little over 530.

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