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Guide for buying Nuts

Nuts are a good source of healthful fats, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients. Each type of nut offers different nutritional benefits. Nuts are among the best sources of plant-based proteins. It is widely available in supermarkets, health food stores, and street-side vendors. Nuts can be purchased raw, either in-shell or pre-shelled. Nuts in the shell cost less and have a longer shelf life, as the outer layer protects them from light and air. 

Eating nuts may help reduce risk factors for many chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

Types of Nuts


Almonds are tree nuts that contain several beneficial nutrients. Almonds contain many important nutrients that may help reduce heart disease and diabetes risk factors.


Pistachios are a commonly consumed nut that is high in fiber. Pistachio nuts appear to have beneficial effects on heart disease risk factors when eaten in high quantities.


Walnuts are a very popular nut and an excellent source of omega-3. Eating walnuts may benefit heart health and potentially even your brain.


Cashews are part of the tree nut family and have a good nutrient profile. Cashews contain many important nutrients and studies indicate that they may improve blood lipid levels and reduce blood pressure.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts originate from a tree in the Amazon. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels, oxidative stress and inflammation.


Unlike the other nuts in this article, peanuts are not tree nuts. However, they have nutrient profiles that are similar to tree nuts and may also help reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. 


Hazelnuts are a good source of many nutrients, such as vitamin E. They may also reduce heart disease risk factors.

What are the factors to keep in mind when buying Nuts?

When you need a quick snack to boost your energy and quell hunger, a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit are excellent options. Keep reading to receive some tips for buying and storing nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies.


While buying nuts you should always make sure that the flesh is firm. If the item tastes sour or bitter, the fats may have gone rancid. If the nut or seed is rancid, you may also notice an unpleasant fishy odor.

Buy in bulk 

If you eat a lot of nuts and seeds, buying in bulk is a more cost-effective option. Bulk nuts and seeds are usually fresher than canned, and you can see what you are buying.

Buy raw 

Whether you’re buying in bulk or not, it is important to purchase raw nuts and seeds. Even if you plan to toast the nuts yourself, buying raw will keep them as fresh as possible until then.


To keep your nuts and seeds as fresh as possible, store them in an airtight glass container in the fridge.


Nuts contribute rich flavor and crunchy texture. Nuts are only tasty but nutritious as well. So, above we have mentions some very popular kinds of nuts with their benefits. We hope it helps you and improves your knowledge of nuts. 


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