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Multi-Cookers Buying Guide

Multi-Cookers are a remarkable invention in the history of kitchen appliances. As the name suggests, Multi-Cookers are automatic kitchen appliance that can cook, fry, bake and simmer as per your need using pre-set controls. They are not only convenient in cooking a variety of food but also saves you space in the kitchen, that otherwise would have been occupied by various other utensils. You can make food items like soup, and rice along with many more other delicious recipes just by the press of a button. Expensive models of Multi-Cookers come with additional features like a thermostat making it very convenient to cook whatever you like.

Types of Multi-Cookers

Multi-Cooker with a Pressure Cooker

Multi-Cooker with a pressure cooker uses pressure to cook a variety of foods like meat, rice, boiling vegetables and much more. It slow cooks your food to perfection and can keep it warm for a longer period. It also frees up your counter space as you can cook many dishes in a single appliance.

Multi-Cooker Without a Pressure Cooker

Multi-Cooker Without a Pressure Cooker is slow cookers that can cook, steam,  and keep the food warm. You can also bake, sauté and steam without preheating the cooker.

Benefits of Multi-Cookers

3-in-1 Cooking

Multi-Cookers offer 3-in-1 mechanism where you can cook, steam and keep your food warm in the same appliance. all you have to do is put all the ingredients in the Multi-Cooker, set the timer and it will automatically cook and switch to ‘keeping warm’ mode once the cooking cycle is over.

1-Button Cooking

A Multi-Cooker offers easy-to-follow and simple settings. As mentioned, Multi-Cookers are easy to operate and can start the cooking process by pressing just one button.

Healthy & Quick

As the food cooked in Multi-Cookers are usually steamed and boiled, it is good for health too. Its most significant advantage is that it saves your time, effort and money.

Easy to Clean

Multi-Cookers are usually non-stick, with removable parts and lightweight making the cleaning process very easy.

Factors to Consider before buying Multi-Cookers


The wattage of Multi-Cookers usually varies between 450 watts and 1000 watts. The more powerful the wattage the faster your food will be cooked. If you have a hectic schedule and you are planning to use it on an everyday basis, then choose the one with 900 watts or more.

Pressure Settings

It is essential to check the pressure capabilities of a Multi-Cooker before purchasing it. More the pressure that forms inside the cooker, quicker the food cooks. Whatever brand you choose, make sure that it has a steam releasing valve and a locking lid.

Internal Coating

The internal coating of Multi-Cookers is non-stick, but the coating may vary from brand to brand. Go for a thick-layered Multi-cooker as it will offer better resistance.


Over the past few years, the sale of Multi-Cookers has drastically increased. With our stressful lives taking a toll on us, cooking on a Multi-Cooker has offered us a unique convenience of getting home-made food quicker than usual. The health aspect of the Multi-Cooker has also encouraged many to go for it. Therefore, If you are planning to buy one, make sure you take a look at our featured section on most recommended Multi-Cookers of all time.

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