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Diamond Wooden Matches 3 Boxes of 300 in each box

Extra Thick For Longer Burn Time, 3 Boxes Of 300 In Each Box For A Total Of 900 Matches, Strike On Box Matches, Kitchen Matches

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 172 reviews


  • Features light-weight matchsticks that are easy to lit
  • Comes with extra long burn time that offers a better performance
  • Made of green-friendly material that makes it safe for environment


  • May be small in size

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  • Users of this product said

    The matches are terrible, I have never used one like that before, and the green in greenlight is a joke, because they burn so fast that I have to use so many more of them.

    I thought I was ordering Strike-Anywhere, but I am happy we have matches, and they are still the best and most common matches you can buy.

    They are a good product, but they are not good for reaching the bottom of longer candles, and they are barely bigger than a standard match.

    I'm so happy that with these Diamonds, snapping your finger is so easy. The Eco angle is also good, less waste all around.

    The strikers system has improved so much that I no longer have to run the match all the way down the strip to light it.

    Question & Answers


    What is the size of the matches?


    The matches are 21/4 inches long.


    When you're only selling 3 boxes, why does it say 6 pack in big red letters?


    I received 3 boxes of 300 each, which is what I was expecting.


    What is the size of the box?


    I don't have one of the boxes in front of me right now, but my estimate is 4" long X 1.25" deep X 2.5" wide.


    How long will the shelf life be?


    These matches could last forever if kept away from humidity and moisture.


    Which pack is it, the 6 pack or the 3 pack?


    I ordered the "Strike Anywhere Matches" and they were both 3 packs.

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