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Diamond Strike ON Box Matches 3 BXS of 300

Large Strike On Box Kitchen Matches, Aspen Wood Splint For A Clean , 3 Boxes With 300 Strike On Box Matches Per Box

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 510 reviews


  • Comes with an emergency kit that makes it easy to use
  • Built-in 300 strike that makes it ideal for small and medium-sized men
  • Features an anti-slip handle that makes it easy to put on and take off


  • Size may be small

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  • Value for money
  • Users of this product said

    I like the idea of the sticks and the fact that they make good construction material, but I have to admit that they do strike, they do make good construction material, but I am giving them a four-star rating, not because I am particularly please with them, but because they do

    The wood and larger size of the match makes it easy to use, and the box makes it easy to find when I need it.

    I used a large amount of matches to light cigars and candles, and they produce a flame that helps in the burning of candle wicks and cured tobacco leaf.

    I purchased a large amount of matches, most of which were used to light cigars and candles.

    There is no problem with these matches striking on the box. We use them in our home and I use them on my back porch to light my pipe with.

    Question & Answers


    I want to put each match in a decorative holder, how long is it?


    It is 2 and 1 quarter inches.


    Is it possible to recycle this?


    I believe the box is made of cardboard.


    What is the difference between an original version and a limited edition?


    The limited edition costs more.


    How many matches are in each box?


    I did not count the matches, but it was stated on the box and in the description that there were 300 matches per box.


    Is this organic and free of gluten?


    It's gluten free.

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