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Concrete Drill Bit & Masonry Drill Bit Set

Fast Drilling Dust Remove, International Tool Brands, There Are 4 Differenct Concrete Drill Bit Sizes, Internal, Strong Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit Tip, The Double U Type Groove Slot Design, Titggi Concrete Drill Bit

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  • Made with high-quality material that prevents wearing out easily
  • Comes with 4 different sizes that makes it multi-purpose
  • Equipped with double U-type groove that provides stability


  • May not be ideal for concrete bricks

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  • Users of this product said

    I have tried so many masonry drill bits to get things mounted on my concrete walls in my condo and they wouldn't work because they were breaking from my impact drill, so I found this set and they are the most durable that I have found.

    I needed a drill bit for less money than the store wanted, and this cut through the tile like a hot knife to butter.

    The holes were clean and cut quickly when using water, I used at least two of the bit to drill drain holes in the bottom of ceramic flower pots for the spousal unit.

    I was happy with them, they worked great, no cracking of the pot, great price, and great drill bits, but I am not sure how long the bits will last.

    It did exactly what I needed it to do and it's great abrasion resistance makes it easier to drill into material like glass, ceramic tile, marble, wood, travertine, ceramic, stone, concrete, brick, hard plastic, cement, etc.

    Question & Answers


    Is it possible for these cement drill bit set to cut through solid concrete walls?


    TI TGGI masonry drill bit set has a strong tungsten carbide tip, which can be used to penetrate various material.


    What kind of material is used to make this concrete drill bit? Can I use these masonry drill bits to drill into marble tiles?


    Yes, these drill bits can be used to drill into marble tiles.


    Can I use the masonry drill bit set with a any drill?


    It's not compatible with impact drills. TI TGGI masonry drill bit set is suitable for power drills and professional drills.


    Is the impact drill compatible with this masonry drill bit set?


    These masonry drill bit set are not for impact drills, but can be used for any power drill or professional drill, with the exception of the drill bit that can go through glass bottles.


    Is it possible for this concrete drill bit to be used on plaster walls?


    It's not a problem to use this concrete drill bit on bathroom tile and sheets.

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