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COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set

Most Popular Diameter Range:3/16", 5/16", 1/2" . Fit Most Electric Or Cordless Hammer, 1/4", Rock Carbide Tip, 3/8", High Quality Carbon Steel, Longer Bit Life

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BVR Rating 205 reviews


  • Made with a high-quality stainless steel that offers an extended durability
  • Comes with a spiral shank that increases cutting speed and prevents slipping
  • Features a sandblasting treatment that enhances rust protection


  • May not be too useful on all concrete

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  • Users of this product said

    I needed to anchor my pergola down on my patio and I needed a regular 18v drill so I used it. It took me some time but it got the job done.

    I used these drill bits to mount my address plaque and mailbox on the brick wall next to my front door.

    I was not sure how well these would work since they were under $10 but after reading a few reviews, I thought they should work.

    It's nice to store things in a package that's water proof or water resistance.

    The condo my fiancée built was an old Army Bunker built to survive bombing, and it was reinforced with a masonry drill bit set.

    Question & Answers


    Will these pass through my bathroom tiles?


    Don't use the hammer setting if you put a bit of masking tape on the tile first, it will stop the bit from slipping, and you should put a bit of masking tape on the tile first.


    Where is it manufactured?


    The kit is at my office but not in the U.S. It's soft surfaces, but not hard concrete.


    Is these bits long-lasting, how long for, or go blunt after one use?


    It is still fine, I used 1 bit about ten times.


    Is it possible to use this to drill through brick and brick walls?


    I have used these for over 9 months in a property I am doing up, they have been perfect for drilling brick and brick walls, they will not drill lintels, but are good for jobs like fitting an outside light to fit an outside light, installing brackets for kitchen units and fitting a


    How big is the chuck?


    The chuck size is 1/2 inch. The largest bit was able to fit it.

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