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EFFICERE 8-Piece 1/2” Shank Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set

Premium Cobalt High Speed Steel Construction, Shank Silver, Deming Drill Bit Set, Aluminum Carry Case, A Strong And Durable Steel Tool, High Speed Steel, Piece 1 1/2

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  • Comes in 8 pieces that are suitable for different purposes
  • Equipped with 135 split point design at tip that increases cutting speed
  • Made of high-speed steel that offers durability


  • May not be ideal for hard steel

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  • Users of this product said

    I'm pretty sure you should have to clean up each bit yourself, because I feel like I should have paid the asking price just to ship this much.

    I can now give my neighbor a 15/16" drill bit if I borrow one, knowing that I won't feel bad if I break, bend, or lose one.

    I noticed that some reviews said the drill bits were not sharp, but that was not true.

    I almost spent three or four times more for "name brand" bits, but I am really glad that I didn't, because they seem to work like new and will not need replacing or sharpening any time soon.

    I bought this drill set from this company and I have to say I am very happy with it. The drill bits are beautiful, the case is quality, and it even came with a free bottle opener just to say thank you, try getting that from a set priced three times higher than this

    Question & Answers


    Will they be able to drill hard stainless steel?


    The bit set I received did not drill aluminum until I used a fine diamond file to hone the cutting edge, which had small burrs.


    Is it possible for it to drill through Brick?


    They are mostly used for drilling metal but they are not designed for drilling masonry which includes concrete, concrete blocks, and brick.


    Why don't they say hss-co or m35/m42 if they are actually cobalt?


    I bought the worst bits from Amazon and half of them were bent. The ones that were straight were very sharp the first use.


    Is this me or the bit, when running at 760rpm drilling aluminum with a pilot hole, is it walking?


    I ran the 5/8" bit down a 1/4" pilot for 16 holes in mild steel and it worked well for me. If you resharpen them as I did, you will lose the split point.


    Will these bits fit a jaw chuck?


    Measure your brace chuck inner diameter and note the 1/2" shank dia. on the drills.

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