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Task Tools 09962 Universal Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

20 Blades, Compositions, Hard Wood, Universal Shank Jigsaw Blades

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  • Features 20 blade that can be used for various purposes
  • Comes in a versatile design that makes it suitable for various purposes
  • Equipped with shank jigsaw blades that helps for regular cuts of wood, composite, plywood


  • Blades may not fit in all jig saws

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  • Users of this product said

    The roll-up pouch has 16 pockets, more than you need for the ten types in this purchase, so there is room for your other blades.

    I used to use my old Master Craft jig saw, and the blades fit it perfectly, it was better than what is on the market today, and gave it a new life.

    I was glad to find U-blades with the screw hole because I had been looking for one for a long time.

    It's hard to find these, but they work great in my Dad's older Craftsman.

    These blades are very good quality and cut well on the old style jig saws.

    Question & Answers


    Will these blades fit the black and decker JS305?


    I was not able to find anything on the model as to what blades it takes, so please bring your saw into any retailer who will help or go to the nearest store to find out what blades it takes.


    Do these fit the skill jig saw #450225?


    If your jig saw accepts U-shank blades, this set of blades will fit.


    Do these blades work with a Jig Saw?


    Yes. Skil Jig Saws use the Universal or U-Shank blades, which will work well.


    Is it possible to cut 1/8" Abs plastic with these?


    Yes. Several of the blades will cut the ABS, some will cut it more smoothly than others.


    Will these blades be suitable for an old Craftsman?


    I have a very old Craftsman saber saw model 315.17251 that these blades fit perfectly, and it has a hole in the blade to accommodate the screw which secures the blade in the shank.

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