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Feature wise top Home Standby Generators

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Home Standby Generators Buying Guide

Imagine you’ve friends at your place on a hot, sunny day and there’s a sudden power failure. A party that could have been full of enjoyment after a stressful day in the office, ruined because of the inevitable power failure. You stumble around, bringing in a few candles in the already hot climate trying to host and make your guests comfortable but all in vain. That is where Standby Generators come into play. Standby Generators are the perfect choice to get rid of all your power failure woes. They are a long-term solution providing you with a backup power without any hassle. To keep your home well lit and stable, these generators are the perfect option. Read this buying guide to know more about them. 

Air Cooled vs. Liquid Cooled Generators 

These two categories are broadly used to differentiate between Standby Generators. Air-cooled generators are available in sizes from 7KW to 20KW, capable of generating power for most households. Their engines are cooled by air. On the other hand, liquid-cooled generators have an automotive cooling system and are capable of handling bigger loads. 

Benefits of Buying a Home Standby Generator 


You don’t have to run for getting gasoline refills for these generators. These are very portable and do not have any power cords. There’s a considerable reduction in CO poisoning and risks of hazards. The fact that they are also shockproof only adds to their safety features. 


You don’t have to worry about power failures anymore. These generators ensure that your work goes on seamlessly without any hurdles. They automatically restore the power of the entire house within a few seconds of the failure, saving you from unnecessary halts between your work. 


The investment involved is high yielding as these generators provide you with peace of mind amidst long power cuts due to storms and other unwanted situations. The smallest capacity variant offers a backup of at least 50 hours. If you live in an area prone to frequent blackouts, these generators are a necessity for you. 

Factors to Consider while Buying a Home Standby Generator


The coverage that these Standby Generators provide varies widely. Essential circuit coverage, part house coverage and complete coverage are the three coverage options. The essential circuit covers the basics and is an economical solution. Part house and complete house coverages are more useful, providing you with better protection against failure. 

Fuel Source 

Typically having sources of natural gas and liquid propane, these generators have the best capacity in the market and you don’t have to run for frequent refills. The tanks are large enough to last for a long time and a major factor that should be considered while investing. Unlike other generators available in the market, standby generators are much more beneficial in terms of durability. 


Basic maintenance is required, including periodic filter and fuel changes. This maintenance is integral to increase the longevity of your generator. Kits are also available with generators for their maintenance. 

Tank Capacity 

Based on your needs, the tank capacities can provide a backup ranging anywhere between 50 hours and 500 hours! Just remember to identify your requirement first.


The installation cost is added to the price of your generator. Based on the type of the Standby Generators you choose, the cost can vary anywhere from USD 9000 to as high as USD 30,000 depending on your power backup requirements.


Home Standby Generators are clear winners when it comes to customer satisfaction. They do demand a significant investment but they can keep your family safe from the darkest hours for a long period. Saving you from embarrassing situations and ensuring that all your electricity needs are fulfilled, these generators are easy to maintain with an excellent backup. They are not only eco-friendly but are also quite safe for your own use. The above-featured section lists some Standby Generators that are recommended for their effectiveness and durability.

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