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Neiko 00823A 1/4-Inch Shank Heavy Duty Diamond Dust Hole Saw 5 Pieces

Medium And Larger Holes, Rough Surfaces, 1/4 Inch Shank Heavy Duty Diamond Dust Hole Saw, Small , Powerful Hole Saws

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  • Comes in a compact size that makes it easy to store
  • Features powerful hole saws that help cut round holes in glass ,marble and other materials
  • Equipped with a design that ensures clean cutting and accurate holes


  • May not cut procelain tiles

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  • Users of this product said

    I ordered these after not finding any around where I live and I received them 3 days after I ordered them so I was very happy with the price and the quality of the product.

    I used light to moderate pressure and the bits cut through the ceramic in a matter of seconds. I did stop the drill and raise the bit out of the cut occasionally to allow fresh water into the crevice to cool and lubricate the bit.

    I used the largest one to drill three holes in several porcelain and glass planters, in order to add water drains, but with a proper water bath for each hole drilled, there is no longer any longevity to these bits like I have had them in my tool box for years.

    I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that they are very easy to use and easy to clean, especially if you are a first time user or someone who has never used a knife before.

    I wanted to use some of the flowers from my plants in ceramic cups and bowls for display, but it wasn't easy to drill holes in the material.

    Question & Answers


    I'm using BurLife for these, but the bits aren't lasting very long. Should I be using water?


    It is possible to reduce heat with the use of water, reduce the speed of the drill, and apply very light pressure.


    Is it possible for this to drill through porcelain?


    I put duct tape on both sides of the plate to prevent chipping, and drilled a perfect hole through a china plate.


    Will they work on a Black & Decker RTX drill?


    If the drill's chuck is larger than 1/4, you don't say if it's larger than 3/16.


    How well will they be able to drill through glass and stone tile?


    I think it cost me about 20 dollars a hole, but they worked very well and I think it's an excellent deal.


    These bits were a waste of time as I was trying to drill a sea shell using water.


    It is a process and the first thing to do is to avoid shattering the shell once you get the bit to bite.

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