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DRILLPRO Diamond Hole Saw 15 Pcs Tile Hole Saw Drill Bit

Round And Square Shape, Premium Quality, A Diamond Boring Machine, Drill Bits, Drillpro Diamond Hole Saw, 15 Pcs Tile Hole Saw Drill Bit, Hardwood

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Users of this product said

I thought they would be hard to use but they worked well and I didn't think it would be bad.

I was looking for something to drill drainage holes, but the masonry drill bits I had hoped for weren't working, so I decided to use the ones that were already in a pack.

If you can read and follow directions, you should be able to use these tools, if you want something to use on a bunch of rent houses.

They are a good bargain for the price, and I used one to make a 1/2 inch diameter drainage hole in the bottom of a 10 inch ceramic flower pot.

The bits have very thin walls, which is good for drilling tile/stone because the less material that needs to be removed by the cutting surface is better.

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