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Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Set

Fast Drilling Tile Glass Fish Tank Granite Ceramic Porcelain Bottles Quartz Lot Kitchen, High Quality Diamond Coated Hollow Core Drill Bit Set, Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Set, High Quality Diamond Coated Tools

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  • Comes in a compact design that makes it easy to store
  • Features a hole saw that offers an efficient and compact operation
  • Equipped with high quality drill bit set that offers fast and dustless drilling


  • May not be ideal for procelain tiles

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  • Users of this product said

    I have used these drill bits to drill many holes for porcelain tile projects, and have been very pleased with their quality and performance.

    I used a larger tile drill from Drilax before and was very happy with its performance so decided to use this set as I needed to install a shower door.

    I used the helpful tip and started at an angle, but it wanted to skate around, so I gradually returned to a normal position after it started to cut and had a little grove.

    I am very pleased with them but I don't know how long they will last, but I will buy more of them in the future.

    These bits work well, they have only been used a few times, but they are excellent so far. I don't know how long they will last, but I know they are excellent.

    Question & Answers


    It can be used with an electric drill, for example black and decker?


    It can be used with either electric or batt. drill, but be cautious as the drill is slow to fast depending on how hard you pull the trigger.


    Is it possible to work with dremel 4000?


    I don't believe they'll work, the shaft of the drill bits wouldn't be the same size as the dremel uses.


    The size of the bits was not listed on the bits.


    They work well on glass and I marked mine with my hand while taking my hand out of the graver.


    Does oil work better than water for lubricating?


    The diamond dust used in drill bits and saw blades is mixed with a soft metal like tin, zinc and recently some alloys.


    Is it possible to drill a hole through a cast iron sink?


    Yes, you can use the drill bit for steel sheet.

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