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Buying Guide for Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are an interesting kind of umbrella. Unlike traditional umbrellas you would find at the beach, golf umbrellas are designed with the sole purpose of keeping your clubs dry. This is especially important for any golfer that spends a lot of time playing in the rain or during a rainy day due to the weather. Golf umbrellas may be one of the most common pieces of golf equipment, but it's also one of the easiest to forget. As simple as they are, they are still an essential golf accessory.

Benefits of Golf Umbrellas


Umbrellas’ designed for golfers are manufactured in a variety of sizes. You will need to pick the size which is right for you. The various sizes that these umbrellas are available in are 23, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34 and 36. You should take a look at their individual diameter before deciding on the right one. If the umbrella is for your caddy, you’ll want the largest sized umbrella to cover both of you. On the other hand if it’s for your golf cart, you’ll need to buy based on the size of your cart and the number of people travelling.


Golf umbrellas have an extra larger diameter. The canopies in these types of umbrellas need to be huge to cover both the golfer and the cart comfortably. The average golf umbrella will have a diameter of 50 -60 inches. This amount is much larger than an everyday umbrella that is only 39 inches (100cm) in diameter. The diameter is measured from one edge of the canopy to the opposite side.


The length of the average golf umbrella measures 40 to 50 inches (127 cm). 70” would be considered an extra long length, while 40” is considered small.


Similar to regular umbrellas, golf umbrellas are also manufactured in a variety of color options. You can go in for the plain black one if you want something subtle. There are also bright colored options like red, yellow and white. If you can’t decide on just 1 color, you may like to choose a combination of colors. Two colored umbrellas (red and white) have always been a popular choice amongst golfers.

Factors to Consider Before Buying of Golf Umbrellas

Outline of Umbrella

Currently, golf umbrellas are accessible in diverse plans and shades. A portion of the umbrellas likewise have stripes on them. Select an umbrella which suits the diversion and your identity. In this manner, purchase a golf umbrella which permits the others to distinguish you from long separation.

Adaptable Material

Make beyond any doubt that golf umbrella is produced from fiberglass material which offers more adaptability throughout downpours. Abstain from purchasing an umbrella which has a steel handle, as it might be risky at the time of lightening.

Withstand Wind Effectively

When you are purchasing a golf umbrella, you must verify that it stands solid against winds. A large portion of the most recent golf umbrellas are made in twofold shelter plans which secure the umbrellas from turning back to front.

Long Plastic Stake

Get a golf umbrella with a long stake, as it will permit you to put the end into the grass effortlessly. This characteristic will secure your umbrella throughout a wind blast.


Golf umbrellas are a must-have in most golfers' bag. They shield you from the sun, and provide a convenient way to keep the rain away in case you need to take a break in the middle of your round. Golf Umbrellas are the umbrella that are used to protect the golfer from the rain while walking on the golf course. It is used by the golfer to keep the rain away from the head, face, neck, arms, and the hands while walking on the golf course.
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