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Front Load Washers Buying Guide

Front Load Washers are a category of washing machines that exhibits a frontal open lid from where clothes can be put inside the washer. The basic difference between a Front Load Washer and a Top Load Washer is that a Front Load Washer hauls up and tumbles the clothes before dropping them into the water during the process of washing. Top-Load Washers rubs the clothes against each other during the washing process.



Most of the Front Load Washers instantly appeal with the crowd because of its look and build. They contain doors of glass and has a chrome finish that makes them look attractive. 


Often Front Load Washers come with considerable capacity and enough room for the clothes to easily sit. This allows the machine to put adequate water pressure on the clothes while cleaning. They also take less time to dry clothes. 


The technology of a Front Load Washer allows it to adjust its water levels on the basis of the load making them quite efficient.

Space Saver

These washers are designed to fit in any corner of your house including narrow and cramped areas.

Less Energy Consumption

Front Load Washers act on the principle of less water and more cleaning within a short time. The use of less water put negligible pressure on the motor thus, reducing electricity consumption. The spinning speed is also high ensuring less energy consumption. 


The Front Load Washers are also known as silent washers as they can clean efficiently without much sound. You can detect the vibrations of the washer only when you are standing nearby.

ADA Complaint

Most of the Front Load Washers are ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) which allows it to be accessible even for special needs or disabled people.

Delicate on Clothes

Front Load Washers are very delicate on the clothes owing to its large water capacity that allows the clothes to float rather than sit.  This reduces the chances of wear and tear.

Benefits of Using Front Load Washers

Efficient Stain Removal

The Front Load Washers use a decent amount of water to tumble-wash the clothes. It uses every bit of the detergent in machine, resulting in an efficient stain-removal mechanism.


Most of the Front Load Washers have a robust built with parts made to last. Such washers have fewer parts accumulation than a top-load washer and that ensures its longevity.

Presence of Ceramic Heaters

A Front Load Washer has coherent ceramic heaters that allow the water to heat up to an optimal temperature allowing better cleaning of clothes. 

Prohibits Voltage Fluctuations

Front Load Washers are known to put less pressure on the motor. This allows the machine to consume less power prohibiting any unexpected fluctuations.

Automatic Temperature Control

Many Front Load Washers exhibit automatic temperature control allowing the washer to function properly without you manually taking care of it. This feature is quite preferred by the customers.

Automatic Dispenser

Every washer nowadays has a detergent drawer or socket where you can put your detergent. This detergent will automatically mix with the water once the flow starts. This ensures that you don't have to manually mix it in the water and can leave it on the washer.


A Front Load Washer often contains extra rinse cycle to ensure that all grim and soap are washed away efficiently. 

Cycle end Indicator

The cycle end indicators in a Front Load Washer allows you to know when the washing is complete even if you are busy doing something else. The indicator is usually in the form of a beep or alarm. 

Things to Consider while Buying a Front Load Washer

Energy Efficient

Always go for a star-rated Front Load Washer as they are proven to be efficient with low energy consumption. This will make sure that are no hefty bills at the end of the month.


Before investing in a Front Load Washer make sure to ask the experts about its water efficiency and usage levels. 


Always enquire about the type and length of warranty that you will avail with this product. A minimum 1-year warranty should be sought as you want to keep yourself on the safe side too.

Part replacement

Always look for a Front Load Washer whose parts are easily available, so that in case of damage, the parts can be easily replaced. 

Drum capacity

The drum capacity should be taken into consideration while buying a Front Load Washer. A drum capacity depends on your load requirement and should be invested accordingly. 


Front Load Washers demand significant investments. Understanding your needs, budget, and all other essential factors like warranty will help you find a suitable washer. We understand that with all the variants in the market, choosing the right Front Load Washer can be confusing. Keeping this in mind we have listed some of the Front Load Washers above that are recommended and reviewed based on their durability, efficiency and popularity. 

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