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Nuberlic 3 Sets Embroidery Kit for Adults

Starters 3 Set Embroidery Kit, 6 X Needles, Adjust, Printed Pattern, 3 X Plastic Embroidery Hoops, 3 X Stamped Fabric Cloth, Enough Threads, Adjustable Hoop Embroidery Hoop

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Created with Raphaël
BVR Rating 122 reviews


  • Designed with printed pattern that makes the project easy to finish
  • Features in a versatile design that makes it suitable for various occasions
  • Comes with a brass adjustment screw that helps to keep the fabric as tight as a drum


  • May not include detailed instructions

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    The instructions are easy to follow and the threads are numbered and separated by color so there is no confusion when using them.

    I have never sewn before, never attached a button or darned a sock, and I feel so confident in my abilities with thread and a little bit of practice, I bought this as a quarantine project and after reading the instructions, I feel so confident in my abilities with thread and a little bit

    It was a very calming and enjoyable hobby, as it was not easy and there were some difficult parts that needed more time.

    I liked the patterns and thread but the pamphlet with each design only has a few instructions, and I ended up with blood on it, when I tried to get it out the blue line smudged.

    The product was great for me as I was going to use it to gain a new hobby.

    Question & Answers


    I loved the kit, but I was wondering what type of cloth is used.


    You can buy cloth from other places, but there will be no pattern.


    I've finished the kit, but I don't know what type of fabric it came with.


    This cloth is made of cotton and linen.


    The seller describes the kit as cross stitch and it looks like it is embroidered from customer pictures.


    It is an embroidered kit, not a cross stitch.


    I don't know if I should use one piece of thread or pull apart each single piece.


    If you leave it whole or pull it into parts, it will be in the instructional diagram.


    Is the thicker embroidery thread your problem?


    Each rope can be split into six strands at most, as our products are sold as a whole set.

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