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Sew Tech Embroidery Hoops

V7 V5 V3 Isodore 5000 Dream Machine, Dream, Dream Machine, Sew Tech Embroidery Machine Hoops, Brother Innovis Nq1400E Nq3600D Dream Machine

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  • Equipped with extra hoops that helps to speed up the embroidery process
  • Made of high-quality material that offers an extended durability
  • Comes in a versatile design that makes it suitable for various purposes


  • Size of hoops may be inaccurate

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This product received a total score of 9.84 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 7 features:

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  • Users of this product said

    I am very happy with them, and the 6x10 seems to have a slightly sturdier screw than the one that came with my machine.

    I have been using the 5x7 hoop for my sewing machine and it works just fine. I will be able to use the 6x10 hoop for my other sewing machines in the future.

    I have been using these hoops for many years and they are the best I have ever used, they are very sturdy and easy to use, and they are a great option for any size design I need to embroider.

    It has worked perfectly and I would recommend it to anyone with a compatible Brother machine.

    I was a little worried that the aftermarket one wouldn't be recognised by the machine, since it doesn't have the same functions as the Brother version, but it seems to be compatible and works the same.

    Question & Answers


    Will they fix the problem of the stellaire?


    I bought them for my Brother NQ1600E machine and they fit perfectly, so I don't think you'll have a problem.


    Is it possible for these to be considered the reposition hoops?


    They are normal hoops that slide in.


    Will this hoop work with the Brother PE800?


    The 800 can only use a 5x7 field and there isn't enough space for the hoop on the machine.


    Will this fit the Baby lock flourish 2? Description only says that there are some baby lock models.


    I have the Brother NQ1600E and they fit just great, so why not send a message to the seller and ask about your machine?


    Please provide your answer in advance so that we can make a decision about whether the hoops will work on the Babylock meridian.


    These hoops don't work on Babylock Meridian.

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