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Buying Guide for DJ Turntable Cartridges

The tracking force of cartridges tells you how much pressure is recommended to be put on the record. ... While it has a standard Spherical stylus (to avoid damaging records when rigorously scratching), the Scratch tracks heavier in the groove so the DJ doesn't have to contend with the needle jumping out all the time!

Benefits of DJ Turntable Cartridges

Platter and Tonned Arm

A turntable is a device, commonly recognized by having many key parts. Most notable are the platter and tonearm which have historically been essential for the playback of music. The platter, makes up the bulk of the turntable's surface and can be driven by a motor, either directly or indirectly with a belt.

Motor and Torque

The torque of a turntable refers to the turning power of the platter, which is dependent on the strength and efficiency of the motor attached to it. Belt-drive motors are indirectly linked to the platter with a belt and perform with a lower torque than a direct drive motor which is in direct contact with the platter.
Direct drive turntables are often more expensive and preferential for demanding and professional uses, whereas belt-drive turntables may be a more cost effective way to get started as a DJ.

Signal Transmission

A turntable alone is incapable of outputting sound without a supplementary device to receive the signal data. For traditional operation, it is necessary for a needle (housed in a cartridge) to be placed onto the surface of a rotating record, in order to play it.
A second option known as DVS (digital vinyl system) also makes use of a cartridge but adds an audio interface and DJ software into the signal chain to convert analog information to digital data. So rather than playing regular analog records containing music, time code vinyls are used which contain a continuous tone that the software understands and responds to by playing music from a digital source.

Build and Construction

Depending on the price range, you'll find differences in the quality of the turntable's construction. The goal is to isolate unwanted vibrations and ambient noise as much as possible. The most obvious indicator is the overall weight, giving a hint on the materials used.
Through combinations of metal, rubber and synthetic materials, the damping can be further improved. Particularly durable turntables are also equipped with a metal surface that is coated with a scratch-resistant finish.

Factors to Consider Before Buying of DJ Turntable Cartridges

Know the Difference

Turntables are cool. When you play a record on one, you can actually feel the grooves in the vinyl, and the sounds are rich and full of life. Over the last few decades, turntables have sparked a revival of vinyl records in the form of DJing, and vinyl has become a popular choice in many households. If you are a DJ or are thinking about getting into DJing, knowing the differences between turntable cartridges is important.


The professionals have a a lot of options when it comes to DJ turntables. There are a few types of turntables, including the one with a straight needle. However, the one with the needle that bends back and forth, is widely used for few years now, and can handle even the most complicated of DJ mixes.


For starters, the equipment to make Records is costly. You will need a turntable, a cartridge to play the record, and a phono preamp to bring the signal out to your amplifier and speakers. You can spend as little as $50 on a cartridge and as much as $200 on a phono preamp, and that's just for the turntable. You can also spend as much as $1500 for custom-made turntables from a boutique company, but you'd have to pay for your own cartridge and preamp, too.

Buy a Good Quality Stylus

If you've ever purchased a turntable and wondered what type of cartridge it came with, you're not alone. While most turntable buyers don't care what's in the device, they do want to know more about the stylus that goes with it. A stylus is a small (usually round) plastic or glass tool that is placed on top of a record to play the record. Its main purpose is to improve the sound reproduction of the record on your turntable.


The first thing that you need to know about DJ Turntable Cartridges is that they are used for producing music for your home. DJs are using them to create their own music on the spot. Then, they are used by the people on the go to use their music on the move.
To get more information about our buying options, go through some of the best products that we have listed in our featured section above. They are been reviewed and are recommended on the basis of their quality, performance and durability.

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