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Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - The Souffle Cup

Reditainer Plastic Disposable Portion Cups, The Souffle Cup, The Perfect Souffle Cup

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Created with Raphaël
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  • Comes in a good size that allows to hold other food items
  • Equipped with a lid that prevents leakage
  • Comes in 1 ounce size that makes it convenient to use


  • Sides may be thin

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This product received a total score of 8.80 out of 10, based on review sentiments and user opinions related to 7 features:

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  • Value for money
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  • Convenience
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  • Users of this product said

    If you eat high-quality, healthy food like tuna,egg, chicken, and pasta, wet salads are great because you can't usually eat a ton of it.

    The cups are made of high quality material and the lids are thin so they won't fit perfectly when put on.

    I use these for many things, including sending my seed beads to my husband for embroidery, putting my father's medication in them throughout the day so that he wouldn't take the wrong ones, and packing little nut and dried fruit snacks for my husband.

    If you liked the review, please give it a thumbs up or like, I really appreciate you helping me to give honest/unbiased insight into products I've used and you may have questions about.

    I am looking for ways to have lunch for my kids in school and one of the ways I found was to make my own snack packs, which worked great for pudding, jello, and yogurt cups.

    Question & Answers


    Is it possible that these are from china?


    The item's description says it is BPA free because it has a recycle of #5.


    Which size is best for pudding?


    I got the 5.5 oz. size for a Sunday school project that didn't involve food, but I think that it would work well for pudding as well.


    Is there 100 cups and 100 lids?


    I have ordered these multiple times and there are never enough lids.


    Are the lid and cup Recycle Code 5 Polypropylene?


    The cup says 5 and the lid says 1.


    Are the cups No. 5 Polypropylene and are they waterproof? Do you know if they will melt at 250 degrees F (121 C)?


    The cups maintain their shape in a hot towel caddie for under two hours, so I use them for massage/treatment products and keeping them warm.

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