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Upholstery/Craft Jute Webbing

Upholstery Craft Jute Webbing (Burlap) 3.5 Inches X 10 Yards-Natural W/Black Stripes

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  • Made with all-natural jute fibers that makes it durable
  • Features a stylish look that makes it suitable for various purposes
  • Comes in a strong 10 pound tightly woven design that makes it convenient to use


  • May not include detailed instructions

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  • Users of this product said

    The chair I refurbished a couple of years ago was old and unsafe, but I decided to weave the webbing and it is still sturdy.

    The Jute webbing was larger and less stretched than the previous version, making it easier to web-bed a 3-person couch.

    This product was very sturdy and cost efficient, I used it to seat a person in a chair.

    I made a quilt frame out of the sturdy jute and attached it to the two 8ft. boards to make it easy to tie the quilts.

    The sofa felt different when we put the cushions back on after we stapled the new webbing in place.

    Question & Answers


    Can this be used as a daybed support, to support the actual cushion?


    I used it for the webbing on a couch, chair and love seat, and it is the only support for them. So far, so good. I am not sure how long it will last until it needs to be stretched again.


    Does this work on outdoor chairs?


    I am not sure how well it would hold up under wet conditions, and it would be quite scratchy against bare skin.


    Is it possible to wrap an indoor heating pipe with this?


    I don't think this would be a good application for this product.


    What size rivet is needed for this webbing?


    I have only used upholstery staple into wood chair frames for this webbing.


    Is it a good idea to reapire a couch with this?


    Yes this product is used in couch rework.

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