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Staples Metal Binder Clips

1" Capacity, Staples Metal Binder Clips, Spring Tight Clip

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Reason to Buy

  • Features spring-tight clip that keep papers from slipping or pulling out
  • Equipped with a plastic storage tub that makes it easy to store
  • Features a black finish that offers an attractive look

Minor Drawbacks

  • May arrive damaged due to ordinary packaging

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  • What users have to say about Staples Metal Binder Clips

    We use these clips to leave messages on our fridge because it's a great place to leave messages for teenagers, and they can't deny seeing them, so we use bare magnets on our fridge.

    It is the third smallest tub, and the quality is as expected.

    I use these things a lot, they are useful for a lot of things, I keep them in my kitchen drawer for seal bags, and recently I used them to hang a curtain.

    We have a bare magnets on our fridge and use these clips to leave messages on it, which is a great place to leave messages if you are a teenager, because it is a great place to see them and you can't deny seeing them.

    I like the way they package them, but I don't like how I got things done in an office before I used them.



    Which country is it made in?


    There is a Staples product in China.


    What are they made out of?


    I tested them with our refrigerator magnets and they don't have a heavy magnetic pull.


    Which clip is smaller, the micro or mini size?


    The mini is 3/5" wide and the micro is 1/2" wide.


    Is the medium size enough to hold fifty sheets of paper?


    Yes, I hope this update works.


    Please tell me what are they made of?


    They look like steel and will stick to a magnet.

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