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Zeiss Cleaner Refill Lens Care Kit

8 Oz Lens Cleaner Refill, 2 Oz Refillable Lens Cleaner Spray, Zeiss Anti Microbial Microfiber Cloth, Safely Clean Glasses, Specially Developed Formula

Created with Raphaël
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Reason to Buy

  • Comes with a microfiber cloth that safely cleans the glasses without leaving any streaks
  • The powerful formula helps to remove dirt, dust, oil and smudges from lenses
  • Scratch-free formula that prevents scratches and damages of glasses or lenses

Minor Drawbacks

  • The bottle is small in size

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About Zeiss Cleaner Refill Lens Care Kit

ZEISS Lens Cleaner Spray and ZEISS Lens Wipes are made with a non-aggressive formula, safely cleaning your glasses without leaving streaks or residue. Safe to use on all lens types ZEISS Lens Cleaning solutions safely and quickly clean all optical surfaces, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, and binoculars. They are also safe to use on laptops, tablets and computer monitors.

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