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Boveda 1 Count Preloaded 75% RH 2 Way Humidity Control Hygrometers and Humidity Sensors Cigars One Step Calibration Kit

A 2 Point Calibration, Bottled Cap Salt Tests, Boveda One Step Calibration Kit, Multiple Hyg, Accurate Relative Humidity ( Rh ) Readings

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  • Comes with a built-in humidity sensor that helps to monitor the health of the user
  • Equipped with digital and analog hygrometer and humidity sensors that give accurate relative humidity readings
  • Features a 2-point calibration kit that helps to read the RH of the air in the room


  • RH may be relative


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    My results were all over the place, even though I had purchased lab-grade sodium chloride and distilled water, as well as a plethora of videos on the subject on the subject, demonstrating how this can be achieved using a home-made salt solution in a bottle cap.

    I bought an AcuRite hygrometer and wanted to calibrate it to see how accurate it was, but I didn't know if I was lucky or not.

    I used it for my cheap hygrometer and to ensure my digital hygrometers were dialed-in, and I gave it to a friend after it served its purpose, but I put it in a container next to a jar filled with distilled water.

    I used this to calibrate my Govee hygrometer, and at 24hrs it displayed 75.1%, but I left the hygrometer in the bag for 48 more minutes, and it increased to 76.7%, setting my calibration mark on my hygrometer to 75.5%.

    I ordered the Boveda Calibration pack and will wait 36 hours to get the exact readings, but I hear 36% is the best bet to get the exact readings.

    Question & Answers


    What is the difference between a 75 and 32 rph calibration kit and what situation do you use each in?


    If you have a hygrometer that is 75% to 80% accurate, it is probably pretty accurate in the middle, but could be way off when you get down to 35% or so.


    What Boveda product would I order if I needed to calibrate my Acurite 01083m pro humidity monitor to 45%?


    If you want to calibrate humidity for 45% relative humidity, you can buy moist potassium carbonate, which will produce a precise humidity of 43% in a sealed container.


    Is it say that it is 1% accuracy or is it dead on?


    Boveda says their packs are accurate in an airtight environment of 1%, but their calibration formula is even more accurate, within.5%, and is their recommend formula for calibration.


    Is it possible to put a 62% Boveda pack in a quart mason jar and accomplish the same thing?


    I placed the pack along with the hygrometer in order to calibrate it, it's only a small one, less than half the size of a regular pack used in humidors for it.


    What is the temperature of this pack at 75rh?


    The pack will be at room temperature with the 75rh referring to the amount of relative humidity inside the bag.

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