Osage River Folding Camp Cot

July 23, 2019

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Oct 18 – Mar 19

Sentiment Analysis

From 100 + total reviews







Rank (out of 19) 1
Score (out of 10) 9.29
Total Reviews in this Category 11,000 +
Total Reviews 100 +
Recent Reviews (Last 6 Months) 40 +
Recent Reviews with Positive Sentiment 10 +
Recent Reviews with Negative Sentiment 10 +
Positive Sentiment 37%
Negative Sentiment 27%
Neutral Sentiment 36%

BestViewsReviews analyzed 11,000+ reviews and shortlisted 19 products in the camping cots category. After analyzing user sentiments across the camping cots we ranked Osage River Folding Camp Cot as 1 out the analyzed 19 products. We analyzed 100+ reviews for Osage River Folding Camp Cot out of which, 40+ reviews were recieved over the last 6 months.

10+ (~37%) of the users were satisfied with the product and would probably recommend it, ~36% of the users were satisfied with this Osage River Folding Camp Cot, and ~27% of the user faced some issue with the product (and hence said something negative about it!). When we compared to similar products and assigned a normalized score, this product got a score of 9.29/10, which indicated a rank of 1 out of the 19 analyzed products.

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