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Video Doorbells: An Essential or a Luxury

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Using technology to improve your safety is a big concept nowadays and video doorbells are a big part of it. If you are looking for ways to maximize your home security, video doorbells are an excellent way to start with.

With an integrated surveillance system, a video doorbell provides numerous benefits like a real-time feed of outside activities and capturing the day and night. This provides a sense of security to you and your loved ones. Let’s elaborate on why you need to invest in one now.

Benefits of Video Doorbells

  • Flexible and Remote use

Busy in the kitchen? Or out on vacation? Video doorbells provide you with the convenience to answer the door without actually unlocking the door via your smartphone. You can look through your smartphone and decide whether you want to open the door or let the bell ring.

  • Weather-proof

They are waterproof and work efficiently even in harsh weather conditions. Built with weatherproof materials, they can withstand all sorts of harsh weather conditions without any damage.

  • Source of Evidence

In case of an unfortunate event like theft, your video doorbell can provide the necessary footage for investigation. It comes with a feature where it can store the feed for reference. This feature is useful when you claim insurance from your company. HD 1080P Wireless DoorBell WiFi Video Doorbell Smart Video Doorbell is the choice for you if you want that added security.

  • Monitors Visitors

Video doorbells help you to screen people who visit your house. The house help, the babysitter or the mail delivery guy, you can keep track of all their activities and timing.

  • Increases Your House Value

Everyone loves to move into a place that is well equipped with new technologies. The best video doorbell will reduce your residential insurance amount, which in turn, will give your house an excellent resale value.

  • Two-way Audio

An audio mike is present in a video doorbell that enables two-way communication between you and the visitors. It allows you to decide whether the person standing outside is a potential threat or not. VALKIA Video Doorbell and Jeffergarden HD Smart WiFi Video Doorbell are great choices here.

  • Early Screening

A video doorbell with an HD view can provide easy screening of different people visiting your house. As the burglars are most likely to break into your home in the night, a good camera with the feature of night vision and audio quality is very essential.

  • Easy Installation

A video doorbell should make life convenient. Therefore it is important to settle for something that does not require too many external support systems. Every video doorbell comes with few instructions and following them diligently will ensure a hassle-free installation. Ring Peephole Cam and Ring Video Doorbell 3 are some of the easiest variants to install.

Types of Doorbells with Cameras

When you decide to invest in a video doorbell, you can choose between a wired or a wireless system. If you are interested in something that offers easy installation, then go for wired video doorbells. They can replace the simple doorbell that is also wired in a similar fashion. If it’s not, get it wired right from the scratch. Wireless video doorbell, as the name suggests comes without wires and convenient to use. However, a technician’s help may be required in such cases. Looking for the right wireless video doorbell can be challenging but worth the pain.

Which Video Doorbells Brand Should You Go For?

We have plenty of options available in the market, but Ring Video Doorbell and the Nest are two of the most popular options. The best option in the category of Ring Video Doorbell is ‘Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video

Ring Video Doorbells are independent of your wiring system, have better control over motion sensitivity but takes more time to initiate connectivity and become compatible with other devices like your smartphone. On the other hand, Nest comes with better video quality, better connectivity and is generally ‘smarter’!

Are Video Doorbells Worth it?

Investing in a video doorbell isn’t exactly a difficult decision to make. Nobody will say no to a device that adds to your safety! The problem is the price.

Video doorbells are expensive; a good one will cost you anywhere around 200$. But with features like night vision and alert notifications, it will make your house secure, reduce insurance costs, attract potential buyers and create a safe space for you and your loved ones. So, they are definitely worth your investment.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to something as minor as a doorbell, people often tend to give it a miss and focus more on other important things. But with the crime rate surging and threatening, creating a secure place is very important. Hiring a professional team of security personnel is out of the question as they come expensive and are not so practical. Therefore, to ensure your safety, investing in a good video doorbell is essential. Taking into consideration the points mentioned in this blog, you should be able to find the perfect video doorbell easily. Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best video doorbells based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process.

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