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Types of Food Processors: Difference and Use

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
types of food processors

There are many types of food processors available today. Food processors are one of the fastest appliances available today. They are versatile, convenient and have an excellent ability to chop veggies, shred cheese, mix dough, whip smoothies, and even make delicious homemade cakes and pies.

As exciting as their functions and features sound, equally difficult is to select the right one. Along with many factors to consider before buying a food processor, get familiar with its variants like, a mini food processor, full-sized processor and all-in-one processors. So, this blog will help you select between the three by providing you useful information. Read to find out more. 

Types of Food Processors

Mini Food Processors

Mini food processors like Hamilton Beach, can make cooking faster, easier and exciting. Moreover, these appliances are compact, efficient and powerful. They can chop, mix, puree, grate, and shred with ease. Such processors are suitable for small batches of food.

These mini processors are apt for a single person or two people. Their compact size, lightweight nature and versatility make them a popular choice among beginners in cooking . Moreover, they also occupy less counter space and are easy to carry.

Full-Sized Food Processors

Full-sized food processors like the 14-cup Cuisinart can prepare large batches of food. As compared to mini food processors, they come with a powerful motor and bigger size, thus delivering efficient functionality.

A full-sized food processor comes with a large bowl-shaped machine that can provide uninterrupted processing for a long time. However, one downside is that a full-sized food processor will occupy a larger counter space. Thus, making it difficult for those who have limited space.

All-in-One Food Processor

All-in-one food processor can be a great investment for many chefs, cooks, and even amateurs. Most of these models are good for both cooking and baking purposes. They combine several kitchen appliances required for food prepping, and can efficiently chop, slice, grate, and dice fruits, vegetables, and cheese. So, this will help you experiment with various ingredients resulting in innovative and delicious dishes.


Being familiar with these three common food processor types will help you understand food processors well. Depending on your requirement, preference and tastes, you can bring home a good food processor.

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