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Traeger Grills and Everything About it?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Traeger Grills

To grill and barbecuing, Traeger grills are easy to use, maintain and cook like professional grills. Traeger is a reputed name in the world of grills, and all of its products are reliable and durable. They are available in many sizes, making it easy for you to select the right one.

This blog intends to answer all your questions about grills. This will help you make a better selection for buying grills. If you want to look at some choices, then take a look at some of the best gas grills, we have listed for you. Read on to find out more. 

What Does Traeger Grills Do, Smoke or Grill? 

Traeger ironwood grills are versatile cooking appliances that can multitask to perform various functions. They can smoke, grill, bake, and barbeque resulting in delicious dishes.  

How Long do Traeger Grills Usually Last? 

Every grill under this brand comes with a three years warranty for every model. These 3 years warranty cover defects under the structure, workmanship, maintenance and free replacement for any part. This is very convenient for users, as they don't have to search with the local retailers for replacement parts.  

What is the Price of Traeger Grills? 

Traeger sells some superior quality grills available in the market today. Their contemporary yet efficient models are quite popular among users. The basic models for Traeger will cost you approximately $299.  

But the superior quality ones like the for commercial uses will cost you approximately $9855.  Their Pro series costs you around $799, which is the best seller, followed by the ironwood series for around $1000. Their timberline series consists of large and commercial grills costing you around $1799 for the basic models.  

What Should I Buy, Traeger Grills or a Gas Grills? 

Both are equally handy for outdoor barbeque parties. However, the model you want to go for depends on your preferences. If you want a versatile cooking option with the addition of a contemporary design, then Traeger is your go-to brand. Their wooden pellet grills like the Traeger Tailgater automatically feed the fire, resulting in even and delicious cooking.  

However, gas grills are popular when you put durability over everything else. Gas grills offer specialized grills and barbecues. However, you cannot bake in a gas grill, unlike Traeger where you can grill and bake easily. 

Thus, if you want sophisticated cooking and innovative dishes, go with Traeger. But, if you like your dishes old school with all the flavors intact, then the gas grill is an ideal choice.  

Why are Traeger Grills Better than Others? 

  • Many models of Traeger grills like the Traeger Ranger Smoker come with the smoke feature. This feature allows you to change the fan speed. This stokes the fire, and the grill produces more smoke and offers a woody & smoky flavor to the food. This feature is available only in high range models with other brands. 
  • In this, pellet grills use pellets made of pure wood. This creates a better flavor for the food as compared to gas or charcoal.  
  • They are available in many rare and authentic flavors that not only help in cooking meat but also while baking cookies, like the flavor of pecan or apple. 
  • Most of the Traeger grills also come with a wi-fi button, to set a cooking time conveniently. Also, it offers free recipes for its users in Traeger.com. 

All these features make Traeger grills better than others.  

How Frequently Should you Clean the Grills? 

Cleaning a grill regularly is crucial for its proper functioning. This is important, as the oil and food particles often create a debris build-up. This build-up, if not cleaned, can cause problems while cooking. The food may also not get thoroughly cook, if not cleaned properly. Thus, for the longevity of the appliance and to retain the flavor of the food, clean the grill after every 3-5 cooking session.   


Traeger grills like Traeger Pro Series 575 are known for their convenient features and durability. But just like every other appliance, proper maintenance and cleaning is a must for such grills. If you are planning to buy it online, then read the product description well. Most Traeger grills are environment friendly and thus, using them outdoors is simple enough. Another great option to prepare grilled foods is through an air fryer. It offers the exact taste without the usual oil and is perfect for weight watchers.

If you are on the lookout to buy grills, then head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance and popularity.  


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