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Top 6 Substitutes for Dutch Ovens

Updated on May 18, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Substitutes for Dutch Ovens

A Dutch oven is a heavy pot with a flat bottom, usually made of cast iron. Dutch ovens were popular in the Netherlands during the 17th century, but they have fallen out of popularity and are now typically in use only for outdoor cooking situations. Dutch ovens are ideal for cooking stews, casseroles, soups, and roasts. But, what if we don't have a Dutch Oven for making the dishes that require this kitchen tool only? Well, then we use substitutes for Dutch Ovens. And that is what this blog is all about. It lists down some other utensils that you can use as substitutes for Dutch ovens. Let us understand below how they differ from each other.

Many people confuse a Dutch oven with a regular pot. However, a standard Dutch oven is a lot more than a pot. It is a heavy, cast-iron pot that is thick and is usually used over an open fire, gas, or electric stove. Besides, the top of a Dutch oven can be used as a griddle. Thus, it is ideal for stews, roasts, braising meat, casseroles, and other dishes that require extended cooking times. If you are new to cooking in a Dutch oven, then you should read our blog on How to use Dutch Oven-A step-by-step guide.

Popular Substitutes for Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven Vs. Pot

Cooking in a Dutch oven differs from cooking in a traditional pot used in most kitchens. This is because a Dutch oven cooks, roasts, and bakes bread, while a pot cooks meals that are less dependent on oven cooperation.

Cooking in a Dutch oven is different from cooking in a pot, and it's all about the lid. Since it is a thick, heavy lid, you can use it to both brown and boil. By browning and boiling, you can get rid of some of the excess water that is usually in your soups and stews.

Dutch Oven Vs. Slow Cooker

Dutch ovens and slow cookers are both kitchen appliances that use a slow, moist heat method for cooking. Both appliances cook food more slowly, which makes the food more tender and flavors more intense. The difference between the cooking methods is that Dutch ovens are used on the stovetop, while slow cookers are used in the oven.

Dutch Oven Vs. Crock-Pot

Cooking in a crock-pot is great. You put in all the ingredients and go about your day. Then, when you get back, you have an amazing dinner waiting for you. Cooking in a Dutch oven is just like that. You prepare everything in the morning and place it all in the oven when you head out.

The difference between the two is how you cook the meat and vegetables. In a crock-pot, the meat is cooked all day slowly; with a Dutch oven, the meat is cooked at a high temperature, so it gets brown on the outside and tender on the inside; the vegetables are cooked at a low temperature, so they don't burn. Thus, it can be one of the ideal substitutes for Dutch ovens.

Dutch Oven Vs. French Oven

Cooking in a French oven is very much similar to cooking in a Dutch oven. This is because both the Dutch oven and a French oven comprise a large pot with a lid. However, that is where the difference lies. The lid in a Dutch oven is flanged to reduce the splattering of liquids and food bits, while the lid of a French oven is flat. Both pots are made of heavy cast iron material.

Dutch Oven Vs. Tagine Pot

The term tagine is not a generic name for Moroccan clay cooking pot. In Morocco, we call it tagine, but it is called tajine in few other countries. The main difference between the Moroccan tagine pot and the Dutch Oven is that the Moroccan tagine cooking pot has a wide bottom and narrower top. This shape allows the food to be cooked evenly, with indirect heat and keeps the food warm longer before serving.

Campfire Dutch Oven Alternative

If you are familiar with Dutch oven cooking, some similarities between a Dutch oven and the campfire Dutch oven will not surprise you. The campfire Dutch oven is similar in design to a Dutch oven, but it is much smaller. Often used for cooking while camping, the campfire Dutch oven is ideal for when you cannot use your kitchen stove. 

The campfire Dutch oven can cook a wide variety of foods. Meats, vegetables, bread, and other baked goods all do well in a campfire Dutch oven. We have a blog on some of the delicious campfire Dutch oven recipes. Read it to exert maximum use from your Campfire Dutch oven recipes.

Key Takeaway

In the last few years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Dutch ovens. The controversy began when a well-known food blog did a cook-off with Dutch Oven and several other rival utensils. Although nothing can compare to the cooking style of a Dutch oven, the other utensils have been well-accepted by households as perfect Dutch oven substitutes.

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