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Top 5 Sports Smart Watches of 2020

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
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Sports smart watches calculate and records your overall health and thus, opted by sportspersons and athletes across the globe. Sports smart watches map our routes, monitor heart rate, and calculate our speed. More premium features like altimeters, music storage, and advanced preloaded maps come with an added cost.

Smartwatches are known for adding convenience to our daily life. From fitness tracking to connecting us to our loved ones, a smartwatch is capable of keeping us updated all the time. This wrist device accurately stores all our outdoor activities and makes us proactive about our fitness regime. Today, we’ve brought to you a curated list of the best sport watches available out there to simplify your buying process.

Best Sport Watches 2020

This list below highlights some of the best sports watches that are trending and popular for their features, looks, and functionality. However, before you select a sports watch, make sure to go through our smartwatch buying guide. We have highlighted some of the important factors you should consider before buying watches. Knowing them will help you select an ideal watch easily.

Garmin Sports Smart Watches: Forerunner 245 Music

With excellent battery life and offline Spotify storage, Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, is an absolute delight to all the fitness geeks. Music storage functionality keeps you entertained on your longest jogs. The battery life lasts up to six hours and enables you to use the watch without any inconvenience. The bright display is easy to read even on the brightest, sunny days. The added training metrics are of course a bonus one cannot afford to resist.

Apple Sports Smart Watches: Series 3

It’s impossible to talk about smartwatches and not mention Apple Sports Watch Series 3 (GPS). With a heart rate monitor and battery life of 6 hours, this watch has one of the most excellent fitness tracking features. Apple Music allows you to stream your favorite playlists without any worries.

The added LTE, swim-tracking, and Apple Pay functionality make this one an amazing buy for people with an iPhone. However, if you’re looking forward to splurging more and are health conscious you can go with Series 5 for $399 which has an ECG feature. You can also pair with a good set of Bluetooth earbuds for convenience and voice clarity.

Garmin Forerunner 35

This Garmin Forerunner smartwatch one has an even longer battery life which lasts up to 8-10 hours and water-resistant up to 165 feet. This inexpensive variant is the best watch if you are on a budget and are not looking for some added features like heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Amazefit Sports Smart Watches: T-Rex

This affordable Amazefit T-Rex Smartwatch works for both android and iOS users. With the 1.3-inch AMOLED display, this has a built-in compass and an impressive 20-day battery life. Its military-grade certification makes it appropriate for harsher environments and the high precision GPS is an absolute delight at $139. It is also equipped with a heart rate monitor.

Fitbit Sports Smart Watches: Versa 2

Available for $199, this health and fitness Fitbit Smartwatch offers some amazing benefits and features. Voice commands through Alexa help you quickly update yourself with the news and weather changes. This watch notifies you about your heart rate and sleep score, and keeps track of your health, helping you understand your sleep quality and pattern.

With a large and always-on display, it tracks your heart rate, steps, calories and swimming activity effortlessly. With Fitbit premium, you also get personalized insights into your workout regime. This helps you set realistic goals and work accordingly.

Final Verdict

Smartwatches are slowly becoming an everyday requirement in our busy schedules. However, with the choices out there, it’s common for buyers to get confused while buying the suitable one and thus, often make a hasty decision. If you are thinking whether smartwatches are worth your time and money, then let me tell you, it absolutely is. However, you can read it yourself first in our blog, 'Investing in a smartwatch: what you should know'

Meanwhile don't forget to visit Bestviewsreviews.com to check out the best smartwatches of the year. They rate top products on the basis of millions of reviews left by actual consumers like us. Happy shopping!

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