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The Best Schwinn Exercise Bike: A Review

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
The best Schwinn exercise bike

Outdoor cycling may continue to be an exciting and action-packed exercise but can present some unwanted inconvenience too. So, market leaders have come up with a better and more reliable option, indoor exercise bikes. There are many reasons why you should own an exercise bike. It not only helps us in building our strength but also benefits us mentally.

Indoor exercise bikes are an impressive addition to your home gym, that will offer you the same outdoor-like experience. Among so many brands, Schwinn has built an excellent reputation for its quality and durability. In fact, Schwinn exercise bikes have become a common household item, these days.

Schwinn exercise bikes cover a wider range of bikes, including recumbent, upright, and wind-resistant bikes. So, if you are confused about how to choose the best variant, probably our informative blog is going to help you incredibly. Continue reading this blog to see our top picks, below. You can also make use of our other blog, where we detail an exclusive buying guide for exercise bikes.

List of the Best Schwinn Exercise Bike

SCHWINN AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

This SCHWINN AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike runs on a single-stage belt drive, which keeps the overall movement smooth and quiet. It features a wind-resistance system to set up different workout levels. The foot pedals have a self-balancing feature that ensures proper stability and support.

SCHWINN 170 Upright Bike

This SCHWINN 170 Upright Bike model is best in keeping a constant track of progress. So, the user can monitor their growth and work hard as per their performance. Moreover, this model comes with 29 workout options and a comfortable padded seat for providing best cycling experience.

Schwinn Fitness 130 Upright Bike

Schwinn Fitness 130 Upright Bike has Bluetooth connectivity and allows app-based tracking. Mostly, it is compatible with popular apps like Strava and UA Record and can display correct distance, heart rate, calories, and speed. With 40+ global routes and 1000+ structured workouts, this can be your best buy deal.

Schwinn Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn Fitness 230 Recumbent Bike is another top-buy option on our list. This model features a 5.5" LCD screen to display different workout variables. Plus, it offers 13 workout programs to provide the best possible fit for your exercise needs. This recumbent bike model also includes a magnetic resistance system that enables 16 levels of control.

Types of Schwinn Exercise Bike

Upright Bikes

Upright bikes have a much similar appearance to that of outdoor road bikes. So, if you are one of the outdoor cyclist enthusiasts, this type is certainly going to top your priority. These bikes have sleek and slender body designs. Thus, they are easy to set up and less space-consuming. But, if you have some back or neck issues, we recommend you to go with other bike types.

Recumbent Bikes

Unlike upright bikes, recumbent bikes take a lot of floor space to set up. Thus, if you are planning to buy this type, be sure of having enough settling space in your home gym. They have a seat fixed almost parallel and near to the paddles. This makes them a popular choice among individuals having back pain or other neck issues.

Air Resistance Bikes

Air resistance bikes like SCHWINN AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike offer an air resistance feature. This means that your pedaling speed will cause how much resistance you feel. If you pedal up speedily, the resistance you experience will also increase. These bikes include a fan resistance system that creates resistance with the help of blowing air.

Features that Makes Schwinn Exercise Bike

Resistance Levels

Your selected variant should employ as many resistance levels as possible. Usually, the advanced and high-end models feature more resistance levels. Such models are beneficial when you are buying a bike for a family or social gym, where multiple riders are likely to exercise. However, if you are buying for your personal use, then you can even consider going with fewer resistance levels too.

Workout Programs

Schwinn exercise bikes can come with a maximum of 29 workout programs and options. Some Schwinn models even allow you to customize your workout program as per your exercise needs. Moreover, these programs are preset to fit your age, ability, and workout intensity.

App Compatibility

Being able to track your progress and proceed accordingly is essential in any workout program. And, the app-tracking feature makes the whole thing even more convenient. Schwinn models are mostly app compatible and allow you to track and share your fitness progress with other different apps.

Accessory Holder

Schwinn knows what you need and always comes with the best effective solution. With most Schwinn models you will find a shelf and a water holding space. So, you can stay hydrated throughout your workout, and if you are someone who loves watching videos while riding, do check for a spacious accessory holder.


Along with all other features, you will want a decent brand that fits best in your budget. Well, Schwinn is the brand to go with. Despite offering quality and highly durable products, Schwinn's price range varies from $299 and $499. However, air resistance bikes range from $399 to $999, and recumbent bike models can be availed at between $429 and $539.


Schwinn exercise bikes are popular for their attractive features and performance. While buying the right Schwinn exercise, don't forget to look for helpful assembly guides. Moreover, we recommend you buy from trusted dealers only. Or, you can also consider buying from reputed online stores like Amazon. Meanwhile, you can also browse through our fitness section with products like exercise balls, if you are looking to buy.

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. We review and recommend only the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability.

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