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Stocking the Freezer: Tips and Hacks

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Stocking the Freezer

Stocking your freezer just right is a great way to preserve your consumables and groceries for a longer time. Just like a well-stocked pantry, a well-stocked freezer helps with easy meal prep in a jiffy. However, will all the space, stocking can get cumbersome if you do not know the right tips. 

In this blog, we will help you with how you can stock your freezer wisely. If you haven’t invested in a freezer yet, you might consider going for one by the end of this blog.

Tips on Stocking the Freezer 

Check the Temperature 

As per the standard, you should keep the temperature of your freezer at 0 degrees F or lower. You can buy an inexpensive thermometer for this purpose. 

Buy Wraps

You should go with wraps, plastic bags, or containers that can withstand the low temperature and keep your food sealed and away from moisture. Most of these wraps come with a freezer-safe label. 

Choose Jars With Tempered Glass 

If you’re storing your food items in glassware, choose jars that are tempered and freezer safe. Also, leave an inch gap from the top to avoid spills by expansion. 

Divide Your Meal in Portions

If you’ve 10 packs of meat or chicken and only consume 5 at a time, you can make portions of 2 and store in this manner to save space. Smaller portions are also easier to defrost too. 

Don’t Stock Thawed Food 

Thawed food can get introduced to bacteria if you try to freeze it. The taste may turn stale and items like meat also become unfit for consumption. 

Items You Can Store While Stocking the Freezer 

You can store meat, poultry, and seafood in freezer-safe paper. You can additionally add a layer of aluminum foil as well. Fruits, vegetables, grains, garlic, herbs, broth, bread loaves, and baked goods are some other items you can stock up on. All these items stay fresh provided they’re packed nicely. 


A well-stocked freezer can turn out to be the most convenient solution to easy food prep. Whether you’re cooking for your guests or storing food for a hectic week ahead, a freezer can help you immensely! We hope these tips will help you in stocking your freezer wisely. 

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