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Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Which to Go For?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch

It is hard to resist yourself from forking out money whenever a new gadget hits the market. Everyone wants to take part in the new and latest trend. It stands true for our timepieces as well, whether it’s your traditional watch or the infamous smartwatch. But one of the biggest dilemmas is the conflict between smartwatch vs. traditional watch.

As soon as smartwatches made their way into the market, people started comparing their new wristbands with the old traditional ones. But with the masses following the trend, one question surely comes to mind, Are smartwatches worth your money? Or is the old traditional watch the best-suited option? Let us take a look at what to go for!

Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Multipurpose

Smartwatches shrink the benefits of your smartphone into a small screen and make everything accessible. You can use it like a watch, a fitness tracker, and a mini phone in itself with almost all the functions of a standard phone. A smartwatch syncs with your other gadgets and offers a long list of features to reach out for. However, they are expensive, fragile, and sometimes just end up as a novelty. One of the best buys of smartwatches is Fossil Sport Metal and Silicone Touchscreen. These watches with their vibrant collection can act both as a smartwatch as well as a regular watch.

If we talk about the traditional wristwatch, they come in a variety of styles and prices. Although they lead a spot behind smartwatches in terms of functionality, they are simple and help you tell the time without bringing the need for expensive technology. No bugs, no restart and no frustrating syncs! To know more on smartwatches that are trending the market and the hearts in terms of recommendation for 2021, take a look at the following.

Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Uses

In the battle between smartwatch vs. traditional watch, when it comes to uses, the smartwatch takes the spotlight. While both watches serve the same purpose, smartwatches offer a lot more. With the help of this gadget, you can make or receive phone calls, see notifications from different apps, set reminders, send emails, listen to music, and practically do everything that is covered by our smartphones. They are also compatible with various Bluetooth earbuds to provide uninterrupted music for long hours. One of the best in this line is the Nine West Women's strap watch.

Moreover, it comes with many useful features that concern your health and fitness. It provides options to monitor your heart rates, track the steps you take, as well as the calories you consume. The best one to be recommended in this category is the smartwatch for Android and iOS phone that not only performs the above-mentioned functions but also are easily compatible with all phones. One of the best under this category is the Fossil Commuter Stainless steel smartwatch that looks just like a traditional watch but functions as a smartwatch.

Traditional watches offer nothing like that. They are restricted to telling you the time and in some, dates. Although, some of the models have features like perpetual calendar, moon phase, alleviation meter, chronograph, etc. they work without any electrical component.

Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Material or Built

Traditional wrist watches are made from special and long-lasting materials. Whether it is your quartz or a simple mechanical watch, the intricate design and aesthetics will never look dull. Unlike the traditional watches that boast of sapphire crystals or titanium bodies, Smartwatches are generally made from low-cost material. Your smartwatch is a combination of stainless steel and plastic, topped with a gorilla glass! One of the best buys of smartwatches known for their robust built is Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR stainless steel Smartwatch.

Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Design

When it comes to the appearance, smartwatches look the same. Bold colors, plastic bands and significantly large dial, (mostly square), smartwatches tend to focus on the function more than the design.

Whereas for traditional watches, the design speaks of unique styles and identity. They are customized to strike a balance between historical and modern elements to reflect individual styles. Watchmaking is a form of art. Wearing a traditional watch is wearing like those countless hours of hard work and precision that goes behind in making a perfect timepiece. However, one smartwatch that is popular for offering a classy timepiece function as well as loaded with smartwatch features is Fossil Grant Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz watch.

Battery life

It is perhaps the most significant drawback a smartwatch offers. Even the best of brands has a battery life of 4 to 5 days with moderate usage. It means that you have to charge your Smartwatch like other gadgets continuously. On the other hand, traditional watches work well for 2 to 3 years on a single battery and the mechanical ones don’t need anything at all. They work through the kinetic energy produced by your hand movements. Nevertheless, one smartwatch that offers a great battery life is Timex Ironman Classic with a 38mm clear display.

Smartwatch Vs. Traditional Watch: Life span

Electronic devices generally come with a limited lifespan, which means that you have to repair and replace your smartwatch like any other gadget frequently. However, just like any other gadget, if used with care, then it will last longer. Traditional watches, on the other hand, are long-lasting because of their simple functionality and absence of any electrical components.


Smartwatches are great value for money for those who use it. But if you are looking for something casual, spending money on a smartwatch might not be a good idea. While the smartwatch wraps the latest technology around your wrist, traditional watches bring a sense of ease to the user and does its job without any technical glitches.

However, if you want to get the best of both worlds, then go for hybrid watches which combines the design of a traditional wristwatch and the functions of a smartwatch. Make a buying decision keeping in mind your basic needs and the various important factors before buying like size, brand, display etc. The popularity and the progress that technology is making, in this battle between smartwatch vs. traditional watch, the smartwatch takes the trophy home.

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process. So don't forget to take a look, before you get hooked. Happy shopping to you!

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