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Best Natural All-Purpose Cleaners

Updated on Dec 24, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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All-purpose cleaners are essentials and supplies that every household requires. Some people go for cleaners that are loaded with chemicals for a more satisfactory effect while some prefer natural all-purpose cleaners. Natural all-purpose cleaners are simply cleaning products that are designed to do more than just clean your floors. They are safe to use and designed to cover a lot of bases and help you clean just about everything in your home.

All-purpose cleaners are useful and helpful in making the cleaning job easy. You can read our guide on all-purpose cleaners to know more about them.

Best Natural All-Purpose Cleaners

Biokleen Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Biokleen Natural All-Purpose Cleaner comes in a concentrated form and emits a subtle grapefruit and orange essence fragrance. Containing no artificial colors or preservatives, this all-purpose cleaner is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and natural to the core. This pack contains 64 gallons of safe and natural cleaner. The cleaner has natural cleaning power and can work efficiently on all surfaces.

TriNova Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

This TriNova Natural All-Purpose Cleaner works on all kinds of surfaces like countertops, tiles, bathroom floors, toilets, etc. This cleaner offers a subtle and pleasing fragrance every time you use it. It also emits a hint of thyme and white eta extract. This cleaner is also available in an affordable pack of two and each pack contains 32 Oz.

Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner

The customer reviews of Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner show that it is nontoxic and biodegradable. This naturally derived all-purpose surface cleaner puts the hurt on dirt. It also offers cutting-edge green chemistry of power green technology. This cleaner comes in a nice pink color and smells like a grapefruit. This is a value pack containing 3 bottles of cleaner.

20% White Vinegar 

20% White Vinegar is natural and safe to use cleaner. It is multi-purpose and perfect for cleaning, laundry, automotive, and gardening. This cleaner contains concentrated vinegar that is widely used to replace many harmful cleaning products. It is easy to use and offers effective cleaning.

Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner's reviews claim that it is cruelty-free and leaves your surfaces sparkling clean. This cleaner is formulated with powerful natural cleaning agents like soap bark, corn, and coconut. It comes with a pomegranate fruit extract scent. This cleaner cleans different surfaces like toilets, countertops, appliances, upholstery, baseboards, walls, floors, tables, showers, boats, etc.

Frosch Natural pH Neutral Universal All-Purpose Cleaner

Frosch Natural pH Neutral All-Purpose Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner. It cleans kitchens, bathrooms, or furniture. The neutral formula of this cleaner is gentle on the skin and different surfaces. This 100% vegan formula cleaner is packaged in a recyclable bottle.

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

The customer reviews of Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner mark it as a biodegradable and cruelty-free product. This cleaner is easy to use on all solid surfaces. It is guaranteed to safely clean any hard surface without streaking. This cleaner effectively removes food, soda, juice, grease, oil, sugar, pet accidents, fingerprints, footprints, etc. You can use them on different surfaces like glass, walls, stainless steel, etc.

Things to Consider While Buying Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


VOC or Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are found in many common household items, like all-purpose cleaners, surface cleaners, etc. VOCs are hazardous to your health. They are also bad for the environment as their toxicity often pollutes water bodies and soil. Not all VOCs are bad and not all products contain VOCs. While purchasing it is advisable to read the product description carefully to be sure.

Anti-Bacterial Formula

It is best to go for all-purpose cleaners that come with antibacterial properties. Antibacterial formulas can easily kill germs that can cause infections. It ensures that the surfaces are devoid of any bacteria, germs, molds, viruses, etc.

Scented vs Unscented

The all-purpose cleaners often emit a hint or an overpowering fragrance when used. Fragrances like lavender and citrus are refreshing and quite popular. They may be overwhelming for some. All-purpose cleaners come in both scented and unscented variants. You can choose as per your preference.


It is important to go for an all-purpose cleaner that is efficient as well as cleans stubborn stains, molds, etc. easily. Some natural cleaners may come with a swipe and wipe formula while some need water to wash away the residue. Some cleaners also come in vegan formulas that are safe for the environment. Look for these features while buying a natural all-purpose cleaner.


Most of the natural all-purpose cleaners are affordable. You can even find a cleaner for less than 5 dollars but they are good only on mild stains. Some of them are costly and can range up to $10. The price varies based on the brand, ingredients, capacity, and demand. You can check online too for some deals or discount packages on them.

Another type of cleaner that is efficient and effective is the method all-purpose cleaner. It is a nontoxic and safe formula that can remove tough stains. Read our blog on method all-purpose cleaners to know more about them.

Does A Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Disinfect?

Cleaning with a natural all-purpose cleaner can help to remove any germs. It is not capable of disinfecting and killing germs. They are great for cleaning stains but they do not work well as a disinfectant. You can consider buying Fantastik all-purpose cleaners if you are looking for a disinfectant. Read our blog on top Fantastik all-purpose cleaners to know more.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Natural All-Purpose Cleaners?

Natural all-purpose cleaners are made of eco-friendly and plant-based ingredients. They contain ingredients like sodium lauryl, petroleum solvent, parabens, ethers, alcohol, or ethoxylated. All these ingredients are safe for you as well as the environment. Natural all-purpose cleaners contain no harsh chemicals.


The best natural all-purpose cleaners can clean your home clean naturally with no harmful chemicals and without harming others. A good natural all-purpose cleaner is a safe as well as a reliable way to keep your home and upholstery clean and fresh. They offer cleaner surroundings without harming you.

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