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Magnetic Drawing Board: A Child's Best Companion

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Magnetic Board

Magnetic drawing boards can be considered as an education essential where your kids can draw any shape using a magnetic styles pen, board and a slider eraser. With this, you don't have to worry about dirtying anything anymore. Moreover, these boards are usually available in smaller sizes and can be carried everywhere with you.

What is a Magnetic Drawing Board?   

It is a portable board that consists of tiny circular openings with liquid underneath. When the blunt edge of the magnetic pen runs through the holes, it pulls the magnetic particles to the surface. This allows you to draw various shapes and figures smoothly. The magnet on the blunt end of the pen is strong enough to pull the particles towards the surface by penetrating the liquid. This pen is usually attached to the magnetic board with the help of a string.

The slider eraser also enables your child to remove any drawings or patterns by just sliding the eraser and drawing a new one. These boards also allow your kid to draw confidently with the help of stencils. Magnetic boards are a product of advanced technology and your kids' perfect creative companion.

What is Inside a Magnetic Drawing Board?  

The magnetic drawing board consists of a magnetophoretic display panel. Such displays feature a semi-transparent plastic. The entire board contains hexagonal lattice or round openings. The liquid suspension fills these openings and tiny magnet particles. Moreover, the density of the magnetic particle is the same as the liquid. Thus, once the screen penetrates, the particles come up.

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How Does the Magnetic Drawing Board Work and What Fluid Does it Contain?   

The board consists of a thick and opaque material and magnetic particles of iron oxide. As your child draws, the blunt end penetrates the liquid and pulls the magnetic particle out. Additionally, the magnetic tip of the stylus is strong enough to move the particles. As the pen moves, the particles rise to the board and forms various shapes. The shape stays on the screen until your child erases it. NextX Drawing Board is one such safe variant that consists of high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic materials.

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Magnetic drawing boards are innovative tools that are popular in schools and creches to keep children engaged. The lack of ink keeps the drawing sessions mess-free while the magnetic mechanism keeps up the interest levels. Readily available at Amazon and Walmart, these boards help encourage interactive learning. With this blog, you can buy a magnetic drawing board for your kid and offer him a way to be at their creative best.

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