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3_Immersion Blenders Vs. Hand Mixers

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams

With so many tools and kitchen appliances in the market today, the decision to buy one can get really confusing. It can be very tough to identify the one you will need for your daily needs and requirements. To make things worse, some have interchangeable names too! One such confusing duo is of Immersion Blenders and Hand Mixers. Hand Mixers are typically used by casual bakers because of their efficiency and compact nature. Immersion Blenders are used by chefs and people who like to cook frequently. Let’s understand the difference between both the appliances more closely in this comparison guide today! Take a look at the most reviewed picks of Hand Mixers for 2020.

When to use a Hand Mixer?

Hand mixers are the compact versions of stand mixers and are capable of performing all the tasks without occupying more space. To add that extra fluff to your eggs or whisk a tasty frosting, a hand mixer comes handy. The advantage of a Hand Mixer is that it’s really small and can be held in hand easily. You can adjust the speed and modify the attachments of this powerful appliance. They are larger than immersion blenders and should not be used with hot soups or runny liquids. To have more clarity on this, read my blog on “All About Hand Mixers” which will take on all your doubts about this product.

When to use an Immersion Blender?

This small device looks like a stick and is really convenient to use. It breaks down thick lumps, giving you a smooth and runny consistency. This blender can be immersed in narrow jars and bowls to get a Purée-like texture. Immersion Blenders are great for chopping vegetables too. However, they don’t work that well with cake or cookie batters because they are not capable of inserting air to make ingredient fluffier, unlike Hand Mixers.  Take a look at the top recommendations for Immersion Blenders for 2020.

Do you need both the appliances?

Now that you’ve understood the key differences between both, you might wonder if having both the appliances will solve all your kitchen woes. The answer entirely depends on your necessity and kitchen requirement.. The people who have been using Blenders for a long time prefer to accomplish all their tasks with it. The major point to realize here is that you might be doing all your things with one of the appliances but if you understand the exact usage, you will be able to find a more suitable match and your food quality will improves more. Chefs and experienced culinary experts use both the instruments in their kitchens. Immersion blenders are perfect for making baby food or cooking a sauce. To shred your chicken or whip your cream, go for a Hand Mixer to make your life easier! This is mainly because the motor of a Hand Mixer is powerful as compared to a Immersion Blender. You can read more on Immersion blenders in my next blog, “Immersion Blenders- A complete Guide

The Bottom Line

If you still aren’t sure about which device to go for, I would suggest you have a quick look through the buying guides of both the appliances written by me. It will help you a lot with your research and buying process. The golden rule here is to choose an Immersion Blender for liquids and Hand Mixers for adding that extra air while mixing your ingredients together. No matter which device you go for in the end, do not forget to make your cooking regime a gleeful one by using the right appliance and right attachments. A happy cook can add that extra love and charm to the dishes, making them the delicious and tasty!

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