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Immersion Blender vs. Hand Mixer: What to Choose?

Updated on Jun 12, 2021 by Sydney Williams
immersion blender vs. hand mixer

Having a conflicted mind between immersion blender vs. hand mixer is very common for beginners in the kitchen. After all, both are used to mix and blend foods except for dry ingredients, for which only a hand mixer works. Despite this, there are so many kitchen gadgets and tools on the market today that choosing the right one is a hard task. Finding the right one for your daily requirements can be challenging. In addition, some of their names are interchangeable! That's why immersion blender vs. hand mixer is a very common topic of debate. To make a smart buying decision, let's compare these appliances closely.

When to Use Hand Mixers?

Hand mixers are compact versions of stand mixers and can perform all the tasks without occupying more space. You can either use them to add additional fluff to your eggs or to whisk that frosting for a delicious taste. A hand mixer has the advantage of being compact and easy to use and store. Additionally, you can adjust the speed and change the attachments of this powerful appliance. They are larger than immersion blenders and you not use them to blend hot soups or runny liquids.

When to Use Immersion Blenders?

Multifunction Hand Immersion Blenders like KOIOS Immersion Blender look like a compact stick and are convenient to use. They break down thick lumps, giving you a smooth and runny consistency. This blender can be immersed in narrow jars and bowls to get a purée-like texture. Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick Immersion blenders are great for chopping vegetables too. Unlike hand mixers, they don't have the ability to insert air to make cake or cookie batters fluffier.

Immersion Blender vs. Hand Mixer: Do You Need Both?

After you've learned the differences between both, you might wonder which to choose and whether it's better to have both. The answer entirely depends on your necessity and kitchen requirement. The people who have been using blenders for a long time prefer to accomplish all their tasks with it.

Immersion blenders like KOIOS Immersion blender with food processor whisk are perfect for making baby food or sauce. Make sure to read our blog, Fave 5 Immersion blender recipes to use a Hand Immersion blender in a better way. However, to shred your chicken or whip your cream, go for a SHARDOR hand mixer that will make your task easier! This is because the motor of a hand mixer is powerful as compared to that of an immersion blender.

If you understand how your appliance is used, you will find a suitable match and your food quality will improve naturally. For liquids, use an immersion blender, and for adding additional air while mixing ingredients, a hand mixer.

The Bottom Line

If you still aren’t sure about which device to go for, I suggest you have a quick look through the complete guide of Immersion Blender that helps you a lot with your research and buying process. A hand mixer is versatile than an immersion blender as it allows you to mix and blend wet and dry ingredients efficiently. 

Do not, however, forget to make your cooking regime a delightful one by using the right appliance and right attachments in the confusion that exists between immersion blenders vs. hand mixers. Bestviewreviews.com reviews and recommends the best products available in the market based on their performance, durability, and quality. Therefore, make sure you have a look.

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