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Ice Maker: A True Luxury or A Simple Necessity

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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Ice Makers fall under the category of modern appliances to make our lives easier. A decade or two back, an ice maker wasn't even in the picture, or demand. But with changes in the urban lifestyle standards, more and more people are turning towards this swanky appliance with higher expectations than ever before. This blog will talk about everything you need to know about ice makers. Let's start with the basics first.

What is an Ice Maker?

As the name suggests, an ice maker is an efficient stand-alone ice-making machine. This plush engineered machine is topped with the latest technology to scoop out ice within a very short time. Ice Makers like Countertop Nugget Ice Maker can produce many kinds of ice like nugget ice, crushed ice, and much more. The fact, that it is automated and quite simple to use, has only made it conquer more hearts and homes. Imagine the relief of never running out of ice. As important it is to have a swanky machine by your side, equally important is to understand how it works.

This blog is intended for some basic facts about an ice maker that you may not be aware of. Let us go ahead and take a look.

How Suitable is an Ice Maker for You?

Well, we all love gatherings and gatherings love drinking and partying. And how can a drink or martini be complete without some ice cubes or crushed ice to go with it? An ice maker can meet your frequent ‘ice needs’ without having to wait for hours with a refrigerator. And if you like this idea then an ice maker is just the right appliance for you. Imagine, a picnic on a hot summer day with some chilled drinks and lots of ice by your side. Now that's a picture we all like to see.

Refrigerators Vs. Ice Maker

Well, a refrigerator can be a perfect option for you, if you need ice for later rather than ‘RIGHT NOW!’. A refrigerator takes over an hour to make one batch of ice. With a get-together going on that might seem like a rather long wait. Therefore, a refrigerator can be a supplementary solution for you. If you are planning to buy a brand-new one, you can check our featured section for best buying options. However, with a portable ice maker, you can get a fresh batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes. Did I just feel your jaw drop? So, make sure you check the information guide of Portable Ice Maker for more information clarity.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in an Ice-Maker

Requirement of Ice

How frequently do you need ice? And what about quantity? Is it just to entertain occasional guests or you are a party animal with a huge requirement of ice? On the basis of your requirements, you can either go for a portable one that can give you ice for a limited number of people or an "Under Counter Ice Maker" that can give large quantities of ice to feed almost an army.


Ice Makers are long term investments. The budget may vary as per the brand, features, warranty, etc. The range varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the type and style. Alternatively, there are reasonably price Ice Makers like The Ultimate Ice Cube Maker are also available that can also do the job conveniently. The ones with a built-in storage bin will be significantly expensive than the ones that come with just a dispense tray. The unused ice melts and gets harvested again into cubes in the portable ones. To know your buying choices, you can also go for the recommended products that we have listed in our featured section.


A portable ice maker machine is compact and measures around 14.5 inches approx. An under-counter range is usually around 34-inches tall. They are fit to be placed right under the counter and can be conveniently accessed.

Energy Star

Did you know the more the number of stars on the product, the better will be its energy efficiency? Therefore, before choosing and settling for any brands, make sure you know about their star rating. After all, convenience shouldn’t come at a huge cost, literally.


This is a very important factor to consider as certain machines have built-in bins that require no drainage. They can keep the ice in a frozen form for some period of time,. The others models without a built-in bin, requires a drainage system for the excess water to flow out as the unused ice melts.

Warranty and Parts Replacement

Warrant not only protects you as a customer but also says a lot about the brand you choose. Usually, such appliances come with a warranty or one or two years and a life span of 4 to 5 years. Therefore, choose an ice maker with a proper warranty period and parts availability, in cases of damage.

Under Counter Ice Makers Vs. Portable Ice Makers

An under counter one is installed under the kitchen counter and heavier as compared to the portable range. It also comes with a massive capacity to produce large quantities of ice. Also, they come with built-in storage bins that can store unused ice for some time before melting.

A portable ice maker, on the other hand, is lightweight, compact, and effective in producing limited quantities of ice. Unfortunately, they come with a dispensing tray rather than a built-in storage bin that cannot hold the ice for too long.

Regular Ice Maker Vs. Clear Ice Maker

A regular range creates ice that looks cloudy, very much like our refrigerated ice. This is because of the presence of impurities and water bubbles. A clear ice maker freezes water at 32 degrees, separates impurities, and gives you crystal clear ice. If you are a stickler for purity, you should go for a clear ice maker.

Best Portable Ice Maker in the Market

The best portable ice makers in the market are the ones that are efficient, compact, ergonomic, and energy-efficient like the "VIVO Home Electric Portable Compact Countertop Ice Maker". This appliance is efficient, fast, and ergonomic at best.

Best Ice Maker for your Home

Both portable as well as under-counter ranges are fit to be installed at our homes. The only difference being, if you are looking for an Ice Maker that can produce lots of ice in a single go, then an under counter ice maker will be the most suitable option for your home. However, the ‘GE Profile Opal Countertop Ice Maker’, are some products quite suitable for homes. They are efficient, durable, sleek, and lasts long.

There you go, now that we have spelled it out for you, you know exactly what to look for!


What happens when the water line freezes?

This problem is frequent during the onset of winters when the water pipeline connected to the ice maker machine, freezes. At such the inflow of water will stop interfering with the ice-making process. A water line may freeze due to many reasons like a very low freezing temperature or a faulty line. Apart from this, there are many reasons why an ice maker may stop working, and often the reasons are minor hiccups that you can resolve at home.

What is a crushed Ice Maker and how is it different?

A crushed ice maker, unlike others, crushes the ice before releasing it onto the dispensing tray. These brilliant machines produce crushed, edible ice at home allowing you to experiment with beverages like smoothies and martinis.


To conclude, ice makers, are to make our lives easy and to help us live conveniently. Often, there are certain products launched in the market, that gives us a vision of convenience without much cost. And these essentials are something that we are in dire need of but do not realize until we know about it. We hope this blog has clarified those little doubts you had about ice makers for a long time now. If you think you require this quintessential item to make your life convenient, go ahead and buy one for yourself. You won't regret it!

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