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Ice Maker: A True Luxury or A Simple Necessity

Updated on Jul 20, 2021 by Jessica Parker
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An ice maker is an efficient stand-alone ice-making machine that can produce many kinds of ice like nugget ice, crushed ice, and more. This plush engineered machine is topped with the latest technology to scoop out ice within a short time. It falls under the category of modern appliances and makes your lives easier. This machine is automated and simple to use.

How Suitable is an Ice Maker for You?

Having an ice maker has several benefits. It meets your ice needs without you having to wait for hours with a refrigerator. We have listed down a few benefits of an ice maker.


Filling ice trays and waiting for hours to get the next batch of ice ready in the refrigerator can be a tedious task. An ice maker gives you the convenience of getting ice in just some minutes.

Easy to Use

Ice makers are known for their quick setup and easy operations. They have an automated process for producing a lot of ice. These machines are compact in size and occupy a very limited space of your kitchen countertop area.


An open ice bin of a refrigerator gives you easy access but often hosts unwanted debris and harmful particles. The automated ice making machine is best at keeping up with hygiene and cleanliness. It won't give space to external agents to accumulate at the base, allowing you to get clean ice every time.

Refrigerators Vs. Ice Maker

A refrigerator can be a perfect option for you if you need ice for later use. It takes over an hour to make one batch of ice in a refrigerator. If you are planning to buy a brand-new one, you can check our featured section for the best buying options.

The portable ice makers give you a fresh batch of ice in just 6 minutes. Make sure you check the information guide of Portable Ice Makers for more information.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in an Ice-Maker

Requirement of Ice

It's important to consider how frequently do you need ice and what is the right quantity. On the basis of your requirements, you can go for a portable model that can give you ice for a limited number of people. You can also go with an Under Counter Ice Maker that can give you a large quantity of ice.


The budget for the ice making machine may vary as per the brand, features, warranty, etc. The range varies from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the type and style. Some models like The Euhomy Ice Machine are available at reasonable prices.

The ones equipped with a built-in storage bin are more expensive than others that come with just a dispense tray. The unused ice melts and gets harvested again into cubes in the portable ice makers.


A portable ice maker machine is compact and measures around 14.5 inches approx. An under-counter range is usually around 34-inches tall. They can be placed right under the counter and can also be conveniently accessed.

Energy Star

The higher energy-efficient models will have more stars. Before choosing and settling for any brands, make sure you know about their star rating. Remember, convenience shouldn’t come at a huge energy cost.


Certain machines have built-in bins that require no drainage. They can keep the ice in a frozen form for some period. The other models without a built-in bin require a drainage system for flowing out the excess water.

Warranty and Parts Replacement

The warranty shows how long your selected machine is likely to last. Usually, ice makers come with a warranty of one or two years and a life span of 4 to 5 years. We recommend you to choose a model with a proper warranty period and parts availability.

Under Counter Ice Makers Vs. Portable Ice Makers

An under-counter ice maker is installed under the kitchen counter. It is heavier than a portable ice maker. It also comes with a massive capacity to produce large quantities of ice. This variant has built-in storage bins that can store unused ice for some time before melting.

A portable ice maker, on the other hand, is lightweight, compact, and effective in producing limited quantities of ice. Unfortunately, they come with a dispensing tray rather than a built-in storage bin that cannot hold the ice for too long.

Regular Ice Maker Vs. Clear Ice Maker

A regular range creates ice that looks cloudy, much like our refrigerated ice. This is because of the presence of impurities and water bubbles. A clear ice maker freezes water at 32 degrees, separates impurities, and gives you crystal clear ice. You should go for a clear ice maker if you are looking for purity.

Best Portable Ice Maker in the Market

The best portable ice makers in the market are the ones that are efficient, compact, ergonomic, and energy-efficient like the NOVETE Portable Ice Maker. This appliance is efficient, fast, and has an ergonomic design.

Best Ice Maker for your Home

Both portable and under-counter ranges, are fit to be installed at your home. Choose an under-counter machine if you want to produce lots of ice in one single go. The AGLUCKY Counter top Ice Maker is a suitable model for your home. It is efficient, durable, and has a sleek design.


What Happens When the Water Line Freezes?

This problem is frequent during the onset of winters when the water pipeline connected to the machine, freezes. The inflow of water will stop interfering with the ice-making process. A water line can freeze due to many reasons like a low freezing temperature or a faulty line. To know about more reasons and their easy fixes, read our blog on why an icemaker may stop working.

What is a Crushed Ice Maker and How is it Different?

A crushed ice maker crushes the ice before releasing it onto the dispensing tray. These machines produce crushed, edible ice at home allowing you to experiment with beverages like smoothies and martinis.


Ice makers are an excellent addition to any kitchen space. They give you the utmost convenience without much cost. You can go with any ice maker model, just make sure you consider your requirements and budget before buying.

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