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How to Clean and Maintain an Air Fryer?

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Sydney Williams
Clean and Maintain an Air Fryer

There are many ways to clean and maintain your favorite air fryer. These are modern-day appliances where cleaning and maintenance plays an important role in ensuring efficient durability and functionality.

This blog intends on highlighting certain cleaning and maintenance tips to help you keep the air fryer in good working order.

Cleaning and Maintenance of an Air Fryer

The part that needs a thorough cleaning religiously is the pan where all the drippings and the debris collect. Meanwhile, you can clean the basket and the exterior with a clean cloth. It is advisable to use a professional cleaning kit for a thorough cleaning. Before cleaning your air fryer, it’s important to unplug it and let it cool for a few minutes. Then, you can dismantle the components and wash them with mild soap and cloth. After you’re done, make sure that the appliances like an Air fryer or Gas grills are completely dry before using it.

How to Store an Air Fryer?

Before putting your air fryer away after cooking, it’s integral to let it cool down. Always store it in an upright position and unplug it for storage. Be careful with the cords.

Air Fryer: Maintenance  and Cleaning Hacks

The following pointers mentioned below are small yet significant tips to maintain your air fryer. Following them will keep you and your air fryer out of trouble for a long time and also add functional years to your air fryers. These include:

  • Before plugging your cord, make sure it’s not damaged from anywhere and is clean.
  • Remember to deep clean your air fryer thoroughly and regularly for its best performance
  • Always make sure that your air fryer sits evenly and in an upright position while you’re cooking.
  • Keep a gap of at least 5-inch from the nearest wall so that the heat release can happen efficiently from the vent.
  • Do not work with any damaged components. Replace them immediately.

Air Fryer Problems and How to Tackle them

Undercooked Food:

It is advisable to cook food in small batches to avoid this problem. You can also shake your basket to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly. Stacking the food together to accommodate larger batches is one of the common mistakes that people make while using an air fryer.


Some food items like meat are high in fat content. The fat they render can collect in the pan of your air fryer, which can subsequently lead to smoke. To avoid this, you can do two things. If you aren’t aware of the hack we’re going to tell you about, you can simply stop the air fryer in between and remove the fat and resume your process, or you could just splash some water to the drawer before cooking and voila! The grease won’t stick for long and the water will prevent it from getting too hot.

Pan not Fitting:

This happens when your basket overcrowds because of the food. You should absolutely avoid making such mistakes. Make sure to place your food in single layers on the basket for even cooking.


It is also possible for your air fryer to not start because of damaged cords. In such cases, call for a mechanic for further repairs.

Bad Odor:

This might happen due to stuck food particles. Make sure to clean your air fryer after each usage and deep-clean it regularly once every week.

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Air Fryers are excellent food companions that are easy to clean and maintain. You can cook a huge variety of dishes in them. But just like every other appliance that needs care and maintenance, air fryer too, demand minimal maintenance. You can keep almost all problems at bay by knowing some of the air fryer tips that you can use to keep the air fryer functional and in good condition.

Many times cleaning also brings out hidden problems in the appliance, which by the way you can easily sort because of a generous warranty period that accompanies an air fryer. From getting your meal prep done for the entire week to baking yummy desserts, an air fryer can be your best kitchen aid for the rest of your life. Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best air fryers based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process.

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