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Types of Projector and Buying Guide

Updated on Mar 28, 2022 by Jessica Parker

A projector is a device that projects an image or video on a large screen, called a projection screen. This device is light in weight and can display a wide picture at a high resolution of up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Some 4K models can even have a picture resolution of 3,840 X 2,160 px. It is best used in home theaters, office meetings, and productive seminars in large conference halls. The market is full of many models that have varying price ranges. You should know the purpose of the projector before buying. Read our blog to know everything about mini projectors.

What is the Purpose of a Projector?

The purpose of each projector variant can differ with its features. Affordable projectors are best for your office needs as they offer the optimum amount of brightness. You won’t be able to view in full HD resolution but the vivid colors are meant to pop out in a conference room environment.

The full HD projectors are great for watching movies. You should go with one that supports a 4K resolution to stream high-quality content with ease. Full HD projectors with a high refresh rate of 120Hz are also preferred for gaming as the motion blur is minimal. Check our blog to find the best budget projectors under $100.

What Are The Types of Projectors?

Short-Throw Projectors

The short-throw projectors are devices that can be placed at a distance of 3 to 8 feet from the projection screen to display a 100" wide image. This type of projector is a great addition to small spaces such as living rooms or compact office rooms. You can also get up to 150" of images with many other high-end models.

Long Throw Projectors

The long-throw projectors have a wider projection area and require more space to project clear HD images. You will require setting up these devices at least 6 feet away from the projection screen. They are good for large halls and spacious rooms. You can use this gadget for creating a theater-like experience at home.

Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

The ultra-short throw projectors are more advanced versions of short-throw projectors. They use wide-angle lenses and work on the principle of laser technology. You can place these devices almost next to a large screen at a short distance. This allows you to take these machines to your offices for productive office presentations. They use LED lights that make them more durable than the other two types.

How Do I Choose a Projector?


It is important to select the right technology for your projector. Most projectors use DLP and LCD projection technology. The DLP technology is good for quiet operations, higher contrast ratio, and compact designs. Such projectors are good for business purposes. The LCD technology gives better picture quality, higher detailing, and better color saturation. You can buy LCD-based projectors for your home cinema.

Extra Features

All projectors are equipped with an HDMI port to help you stream content from Roku or Amazon. Some projectors also have built-in speakers but the sound output isn’t exactly satisfying. You may have to add some external speakers for high-quality output. You can also go with the ones which support wireless connectivity.  

Screen Size and Brightness

Your projector will need the more light output to produce a clear and vivid image on a bigger screen. As a general rule, you should go with projectors of at least 1000 lumens for a 100-inch screen. You can go with 300 lumens of brightness for your room with a 55-inch projection screen. 


You should know the point of installation before buying your selected video projector. You can invest in high-end projectors if you have a dedicated theater room. Go for compact-sized models for projecting in small rooms. A good projector will deliver a high contrast ratio using a high-quality lens system which results in a rich and engaging picture.

Buy Best Projectors

LG Ultra Short Projector

The LG Ultra Short Projector works on an advanced color engine that delivers high-quality 1080P pictures. This machine has up to a 100-inch projection. This projector is compatible with any LG smart TV. It has up to 30, 000-hour battery life.

ViewSonic PX706 Projector 

The ViewSonic PX706 Projector is a perfect addition to your home and office space. It can project a clear and crisp image with 3000 lumens of brightness. This device offers a full HD (1920x1080p) experience. Its large projection screen of size 300-inches. It has a super Eco mode that allows the lamp to work for up to 15, 000 hours.

TMY Projector

The reviews of TMY Projector are positive because it has a 100-inch projection screen with a picture resolution of 1080P. This machine supports full-HD videos with a brightness of 7500 lumens. It uses LCD projection technology for delivering colorful and vibrant videos and images. The lamps have a long life of up to 60,000.

DBPOWER LCD Video Projector

The DBPOWER LCD Video Projector has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to project your video content wirelessly without facing any hassle. It has 8000-lumen brightness and supports 1920x1080p resolution. The cooling system extended the bulb life to 60,000 hours. It has an adjustable distance of 1.8 to 2.0 meters, making it ideal for tiny places.

PVO Mini Projector

The reviews of PVO Mini Projector are good because of its compact as well as lightweight design that makes it simple for children to carry. It's a high-definition projector with a resolution of up to 1080p. Multiple ports are included for attaching TV boxes, laptops, and cameras.


A projector is a versatile addition to your living rooms, offices, and conference halls. You can use this gadget for a variety of tasks. Make sure you look for contrast ratio, resolution, ease of use, and positioning before finalizing any projector model. The right model will present clear, crisp, and detailed images on the projection screen.

You can also consider buying star projectors for your kid's rooms. Check out our blog to know more about the best star projectors.

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