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Halloween 2020: All about Shopping and Fun

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker

Halloween, one of the most celebrated occasions is just around the corner.

Although it has evolved from traditional pagan rituals to a more modern version, the excitement levels for this day seems to have grown over the years.

However, Halloween 2020, will be different from rest of the years as everyone will be following the social distancing norms. Thus, a great way to cheer yourself up this holiday season would be to do some great shopping.

Shopping has been one of the consistent factors that have added to the excitement levels as the awaited day nears.

Of course, the amazing deals and discounts on various products, themed or otherwise, has had added to the thrill.

Especially with online platforms like us and Amazon, you will be amazed at the various choices that we are offering at great prices and deals.

The next section will highlight some of our top picks that you can go for to make this Halloween the perfect one.

Top 7 Things to Buy on Halloween

Women’s Halloween Costumes

Women's costumes, since the beginning, has always managed to turn heads. Therefore, even for this Halloween 2020, we have got you covered.

Be it Alice in Wonderland, wonder women, ninja warrior or even the glow in the dark skeleton costume, the appearance of these attires will never fail to impress you. They are comfortable, functional and works for different occasions as well.

However, one of the best picks in this category is the Deluxe Batgirl Cape that officially signed by DC superheroes.

This cape comes with a convenient front closure, waterproof material and standard size for all.

Overall BVR Rating

Men’s Halloween Costumes

Usually, men seem to have fewer options for dressing up as compared to women. However, when it comes to Halloween, we have got you covered here too.

With exciting costumes like the officially licensed ghostbuster costume, inflatable costumes and the popular Jedi costume, the selections for men are unique and popular.

Amongst them, the most popular pick is the Gothic Victorian Frock coat that acts as the perfect costume for any gothic themed Halloween party.

This costume is made of comfortable material and is quite durable due to its waterproof nature. Moreover, they can be worn for occasions like cosplay and other stage performances.

Overall BVR Rating

Kids & Baby Halloween Costumes

Innovative kids and baby Halloween costumes have been popular across the globe ever since the concept of Halloween came into being.

Kids Halloween costumes are usually funny, cute and made of vibrant colors that appeal to them.

One of the top picks in this category is the Toddler PJ Masks Costume that comes with a soft and detachable head and tailpiece.

They are comfortable, easy to wear and wash and comes in a jumpsuit style for easy movement.

Overall BVR Rating

Must-Have Halloween Accessory

Themed attires are always incomplete without proper accessories. One must-have accessory you just cannot do without is Atenia Cosplay Ninja Headband.

This headband is comfortable, adjustable and affordable making it one of the top picks for this category. These sweat-absorbing bands are comfortable, adjustable and come with a stainless steel printed badge for a complete ninja warrior look.

Overall BVR Rating

Delicious Chocolates and Treats

How can Halloween be complete without trick or treat? Be it get-togethers or those sweet house visits, gifting a quality box of chocolates will always leave a smile.

One of the best for this purpose is the Blue House caramel candies that are gluten-free and handcrafted with real butter.

Their excellent packaging and creamy delicious taste make them the perfect treats for Halloween.

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Make your Home Smart This Halloween

Upgrading your homes from simple to smart can be easier with some of the smart gadgets that we have for you.

What makes this occasion special? The exciting deals and discounts that follow the products.

One of the top picks for this purpose is Sonos Move, a smart speaker.

Equipped with wi-fi, Bluetooth and smart assistants, this portable speaker can provide uninterrupted music for almost 11 hours.

Overall BVR Rating

Entertainment Unit for your Family

Just having a party for Halloween is not enough. Having a good sound system to support the occasion is also important.

The best way to go about it is to invest in a good woofer and music system.

One of the top picks of this category is the Vmai's soundbar, and subwoofer package.

This music system is equipped with a responsive 5.0 Bluetooth, four different sound modes resulting in a power-packed sound experience.

Overall BVR Rating


According to the products mentioned above, costumes that are affordable, durable and functional has been the most popular choice this year.

With great deals and discounts, these products can contribute towards a great Halloween 2020, despite the COVID crisis.

For more buying options, head over to Bestviewsreviews.com. They review & recommend some of the best products based on their quality, performance, and durability to simplify your buying process.

So, this 31st October2020, gear up to take a look, before you get hooked.

Happy Halloween!

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