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Get Your Cooking Gloves On: No More Cuts & Burns

Updated on May 6, 2021 by Jessica Parker
Cooking Gloves

Cooking gloves are the most important cooking gear, right next to the cooking apron. Cooking has always been a very sumptuous and exciting affair. But I am sure most of you know the trouble and the effort that goes behind the scenes, in preparing those dishes that we end up enjoying so much.

Some of the major troubles that cooks or chefs face are getting oil back-splashes, those pesky cuts & nicks, or that awful food smell that lingers long even after washing your hands. What if we told you, all this hassle can be avoided just by having cooking gloves in your kitchen and maybe switching to less volatile cooking oil and sprays?

We know you don't believe us, but try it. cooking gloves are the perfect solution against kitchen hazards, although choosing the right one also matters a lot. That is why we bring to you this guide that will help you buy suitable cooking gloves. Let us take a look.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Cooking Gloves?


Cooking gloves come in standard sizes and comes in vinyl, polyethylene, latex, rubber, or silicone. Such materials are heat resistant and make them convenient. These heat-resistant gloves help prevent nicks, burns, smell, dry hands, and sometimes even destroys manicure.

Types Of Gloves

There are many types of gloves that give you protection against heat, and mess. Before we delve further, a fact to know is, not all kinds of oil create a severe backsplash. Certain healthy oil varieties reach their 'heat point' sooner than the others allowing you to cook food risk-free. Therefore, using such oil for daily consumption is a great way.

  • Silicone Cooking Gloves

Silicone is a material that has a very low heat-conducting capacity. This allows the heat to transfer slowly, making it easy to carry hot utensils. Thus, silicone gloves like KP Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves are very convenient to use around the kitchen.

  • Rubber Cooking Gloves

Rubber gloves like Artisan Griller Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves are popular in kitchens. Its chemical compound- Siloxane allows the rubber to transfer less heat from the hot cookware. Thus, the gloves take time to allow the heat to reach the skin. This makes them quite effective.

  • Black Cooking Gloves

These gloves contain a compound called Nitrile that allows them to conduct less heat making them very convenient while working in the kitchen. The more dark the color is, the less solar light reflects allowing it to absorb maximum heat. Another reason for using black gloves like Cuisinart Heat Resistant Silicone Gloves is because the dark color doesn't allow the stains of the food to be seen easily and remains mess-free during cooking sessions like barbeque.

  • Plastic Cooking Gloves

Such gloves or vinyl gloves like MaikcQ Cooking Prep Food Plastic Gloves consist of a synthetic ingredient PVC. It gives the impression of a plastic-like appearance and exhibits heat-resisting properties. They are disposable and can be used once or twice before disposal.

Kitchen Gloves and Mandolin Slicer

When it comes to apparatus like a mandolin slicer there is another kind of glove that has gained popularity over the years. These are the cut-resistant gloves. A Mandolin Slicer is a kitchen gadget that consists of adjustable plates with blades allowing you to slice fruits, vegetables, and other food items like cheese and butter.

While using such gadgets, the risk of cutting and injuring your fingers is more and hence they come with cut-resistant gloves. These types of gloves are made of spectra, kevlar, and stainless steel making them prone to heat, cuts, and tears.

Best Kitchen Gloves for Cooking

Gauntlet Cooking Gloves

One of the best available options - the 'gauntlet cooking gloves' can be bought online. To buy them, you will need to complete a game called 'Family Crest Quest'. Gauntlet gloves like Cuisinart CGM-111 Grill Gauntlet Glove are quite useful as they can resist high heat and can prevent you from burning foods like lobsters, fishes, etc.

Kevlar Cooking Gloves

These are made of a strong synthetic material called Kevlar that helps in protection against cuts and heat. They are very versatile and comfortable to wear making them quite popular among the households.

Where to Buy Cooking Gloves?

You can either purchase them online or even from your local store. Gloves for cooking are kitchen essentials and are far superior to those cloth mitts that you use to tackle hot cookware. Cloth mitts and cookware are not a good combination as the cookware might accidentally slip off causing injury and damage. So heat resistant gloves for cooking might be a good idea. With such gloves, the grip remains strong and eliminates the possibility of accidents. Bestviewsreviews recommends and reviews some of the best products based on their durability, performance, and quality. Make sure you have a look. Happy shopping!

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